Reiko Red!

Nothing special here except the bag. Are you loving the bag? I love it!
It's an American Apparel inspired clutch by DIY RAVEN. I literally sat next to Raven during the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin a few weeks ago. Low and behold, we made fast friends espcially since she is from Houston.
Now, I literally am the first to rock her bag.
It was meant to be!

She even named this particular bag REIKO RED! I can't even express how flattered I am.
I was so excited to get my first customized bag!
Make sure you follow her because she will be opening shop soon!

Target Top
Jessica Simpson Shoes
New glasses c/o Coastal Contacts thanks to The Limerick Lane!
Zara skirt
Random necklaces

Good Luck Raven on  your new business!


alissa said...
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Savonne said...

Very cute Reiko! Love the bag too. This is very Joan from Girlfriends.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

That's a lovely outfit. Especially the skirt, Love it!

TrophyBoutique said...

YES I LOVE THE BAG! And I love the skirt. Hot mama, you are.

Chastity Garner said...

I love the Reiko Red...I wonder what I have to do to coax her into making me one...hhmmmm...ice cream

Toya of The Limerick Lane said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I'm so glad you love your glasses. They look really nice on you. So funny, you posted about this AA clutch. I have been eying it for a while. I even went to the store to check it out. Great minds!!

raven said...

Ice cream is always a good start :)

But I have to run now because Reiko is going to BEAT me for not putting up a "coming soon" post on my site

*scurries away*

Sunny said...

Awesome bag, girlie!

Jody said...

ooooh lala!!! I'd like a Jammin' Jody clutch ; )

Kerissa said...

Can I be your little sister from Florida? I've been searching and searching and searching Marshall's for a cute pair of Jessica Simpson heels. I just gotta have a pair in my shoe collection. No luck yet (sad face). Saw the ones you are wearing in brown. Checked her website and coughed out loud (giggles). You look so effortlessly fashionable.

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