GFS Hairstory: The Interview That Wasn't Supposed to Happen

H&M Dress
Random Belt
Sam Edelman Wedges
Aldo Necklace

I know a lot of bloggers venture into VLOGGING but I vowed that would not be my ministry.
But when you have a pushy friend who forces you to talk...well... never say never. I also have the distinct honor of introducing her daughter to her first Oreo cookie when she was one year old...so I suppose I felt obligated! LOL

Here is probably the first and last video I will ever do!

Quick notes:

1. I did NOT want to do a video...ever!
2. I'm not wearing any make up...(nor do I wear any but still)
3. I have no idea why I was flipping my head like I have cascading locks down my back!
4. I had zero time to prepare!
5. My outfit  pics were taken this morning and this video was done at 7pm...as the day goes on...my hair gets bigger:)
6. I have "bed head" hair in the video because I drive with my head leaned back against the headrest after work. Thanks Kenge for allowing me NO time to fix that! GRRRR!

Enough stalling I suppose...here goes!

Click here to view full screen. I don't know how to change the size format on my blog because I'm challenged:)

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Kenge, next time I want a hair and make up crew booked and Evian water in a plastic cup with a silver straw to sip!


EbonyCPrincess said...

It was amazing hearing the voice behind the pictures, lol! The camera angle was a little distracting, but I loved it!

La Nomade Gourmande said...

NIce interview !!
Could you please write your three products as it was hard to understand the name of the last one.

RocquelleIsLovely said...

I like the occassional interview because it allows readers to hear the voice behind the pictures and words (though I already know what your voice sounds like lol)!

It was a good video; you know I LLOOVVVEEE your hair! Everytime you said beauty supply in the hood, I coulldn't help but laugh.

I'm think of doing a hair video to answer some questions I've been asked, but I have no idea where I will begin.

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Your hair looks awesome!! *WURK*!

ShoeZQ said...

Ummm you are ridiculously adorable. If I am ever in Texas I will be looking you up : )

Sing said...

You are too cute, inside and out. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Diggin those glasses. And haha @ the gel: Sometimes you just need gel. : )
Enjoyed the video, you looks great I don't know what you talkin' bout.

Miss Moon's said...

Your voice is *EXACTLY* how I imagined it would be!! Yay!!! You should definitely do more videos (especially haul videos), but if you don't... it's cool getting to see this! :)

ShandyLand said...

YOU LOOK AWESOME with no makeup! You should VLOG more! YAY Reiko and of course you look super cute, as always! Love the peek-a-boo photo behind the clutch. :0)

Anonymous said...

I don't normally comment but I must say I love you even more after hearing the voice behind the amazing short stories you tell. You always put a smile on my face whenever I read your blog entries. I so get your sense of humor and you are really funny!! Looking forward to anotha one.

By the way did anybody ever tell you, you look like Ledisi.


Katie Mac said...

While I was reading your blog post I was thinking her hair looks great and then I see a video about your natural hair experience. Wow bonus thanks so much for sharing!

raven said...

What's with all these disclaimer notes?! What are you talking about, you should DEFINITELY do more videos!!!! You look fantastic + so comfortable on camera and of course you are hilarious, as per usual!

I'm with ya'll tho - never liked gels but Eco Styler is the way to go!!! AND of course you are rocking that Leopard OH-so-well *snap snap*


Kenge said...

All products mentioned are listed in the info box under the video. I told her the video would be cool

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence!

The products I mentioned were:
1. Shea butter (the yellow kind)
2. Taliah Waajid Body Mostifier (something or other, I'm to lazy to go look)
3. Eco Styler Gel:)

Now you guys get to hear all of my Southerness and silliness!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Towanna/Anonymous: Thank you and I've never heard that I looked like Ledisi...it must be the eyes we have in commong:)

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

Your dimples are soooo deep! I loved your video! Thanks so much for stoppin by my blog! :)

Moni @ CL Journal said...

I loved it! Girl it's nice to hear the voice behind the face! I'm for you doing more videos! LOL!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

But ya girl need to work on camera angles! Both of y'all are a trip! LOL!!

Moni @ CL Journal said...

Oh, and I co-sign on the gel, I hated it too, but Eco syler is the truth!

Katie Mac said...

Reiko, I awarded you The Adorable Blog award. Check out my blog for details.

Juanette said...

I likes your dress mamacita, I can't watch the video because they won't let us have access to YouTube, I guess they figured out that I would be watching Jay-Z videos and old episodes of Good Times and Girlfriends while I'm supposed to be working.

The Taliah Waajid product is the Protective Mist Bodifier, I could have used some today!

antonia said...

wow! your voice sounds nothing like i imagined! but thank you for not having that typical high-pitched-12-yr-old blogger voice:) its ruined many-a-friendships-in-my-head. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! I LOVE seeing and hearing you on video! You are SO cute I can't stand it. I love your natural hair. You are gorgeous, fabulous and fun. xoMish

Marion Renee said...

Hey lady! Nice to hear your voice. It was a pretty good interview and I really liked the advice about blogging. I kinda lost the drive to do it and it's hard to just jump back in but I will give it a try.
BTW: I sat down on my handbag biz for a minute to revamp but I am still designing and planning. I hope to be blasting about a new and dif style for marionrenee.com soon... I will keep you posted!

(love the hair!!!)

Anonymous said...

:-)I've always thought you should have a video blog...perhaps helping people pull looks together. Plus you had advice for me when I first went natural.


Savonne said...

First-Such a nice voice. Second-I looove that dress. So cute!

FashionAddict said...

You are so cute! Loveth this dress. Very DVF-ish.

TyshaJames said...

I love that dress you're wearing! tres cute! And you already know how much I love it when you match prints! U do it so effortless... xoxoTy

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you're so cute! That was a blast to watch!

Kerissa said...

I can't help but echo everyone and say how much I love the printed dress. I really need to try mixing prints. Maybe I'll send you a few things and you can pair them up for me via email?

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