Vote For Shanda!

Vote for my blog buddy, Shanda Ferguson's artwork to be featured on a H&M T-Shirt!
There's nothing in it for me...she doesn't even know I'm posting this:)

I just think she is uber talented! And it's H&M...That's a big deal!

Good Luck Shanda!!

Vote for her here!

I would love to see her artwork on a H&M tshirt...a store we DON'T have in Houston so I would have to rely on one of you lucky "sonofaguns" to send me one...if she wins of course:)

And she is doing work for VH1! She's a big deal I tell ya!

P.S...Do you think I can get that body in 2 weeks while still eating cookies and burgers?
Just kidding RO (my workout buddy)!!!

Feel free to repost and retweet!


gigiofca said...

I voted! I would totally wear that w/a blazer & jeans.

Ife' said...

You know I voted! Shanda is SOOO talented. I am just gonna go ahead and say I can't wait to get my t-shirt!

p.s. if you figure out how to eat burgers and still get that body, please share your secret with me. I can't resist a good burger and lord knows I die for french fries. #imjustsayin

Tye said...

She is definitely talented and she is actually working on a blog header for me since I saw the fabulous illustrations she did for you on your blog. So she definitely has my vote w/o a doubt and also thanks to you for sharing her work on your blog.

Diary of a Chic Mommy

Anonymous said...

I voted (using my God given name of course)!!! But I love her t shirt logo.

ShandyLand said...

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much Reiko!!

TamStyles said...

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