GFS Series: Christ Chic

If you're new to this blog...I like to call what I wear to church "Christ Chic."
(If you're a Glee fan, then you know all about that. If you're not a Glee fan but one of your friends watches it religiously, then you've been exposed to the term:) 
Thrifted Silk dress worn as Blouse
Aldo Necklace
Target Skirt
LAMB Heels
I turned the belt backwards.
DIY RAVEN LEOPARD Clutch...*sings to the heavens*

After church, I removed the black skirt because I was tugging and pulling at it too much.
Two for one...not bad:)

*I was being a busy body and changed the settings on my backup camera...hence the fuzziness. Now I have to figure out how to set it back to its original settings*

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Anonymous said...

i love that purple!!!!! I would totally wear that! Where do you thrift in houston? i have only ventured so far as sugarland although i picked up a flyer advertising other thrift shops in the houston area.


Jody said...

Grrrr..... (whistling) LOL
Love the purple, the Leopard clutch, and the detail on the back of the black skirt. Work it!

LV said...

Loving the puurple! such a royal, majestic color. The clutch looks amazing against the purple shirt...very nice:-)

Anonymous said...

You were looking fly for church, chica!

Just Daisy said...

I'm in loving the purple and that skirt! You must've been the flyest lady at church this Sunday because those heels are off the chain! :)



Sing said...

So chic! Love the color block here.

Juanette said...

Simple and chic, loves it! Raven is a DIY GENIUS!


OMG that fushia pink is stunning on you! I love that skirt and turning the belt backwards = "winning"!! lol Love this look girl! Kiah

Claire M. said...

Gorgeous heels :)

Althea C.

narcissaqtpie said...

Great outfit! Every piece comes together just right.

FashionAddict said...

LOVE!!!! You are lookin hottttt, lady! :)

Katie Mac said...

Wow, this look is just lovely and the clutch is on point!

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

Oh you look fab! I love pencil skirts and I never wear purple but you make me wanna!

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