The Honeymoon: Puerto REIKO (Part 1)

Let me start by admitting that the first day we landed in Puerto Rico, we slept for about 13 hours straight. So let's just say these pics were taken in between naps.
We slept like we were in competition!

Here are random shots we took when we decided to awake from our self induced comas:)

We also were in Puerto REIKO (notice the name change)...during the threat of Tropical Storm Emily.
Emily wasn't a real threat but there was rain the whole week and the wind was strong enough to give me a new a hairstyle:)

Outside of the second oldest church...or something the locals were trying to tell us.

We randomly spotted this fort/castle "Fort San Felipe del Morro" on the coast and decided to head that way!

I'm kind of a secret history buff so I was quite intrigued with the story behind Puerto Rico:)

Taken right before we slipped into another nap coma:)

More pics coming up...

P.S...I was most certainly NOT wearing God's Favorite Shoes...but when in Rome...er...Puerto Reiko:)


EbonyCPrincess said...

You look so pretty and your husband is so handsome, I think I said this before, but you make an amazing looking couple! Glad Emily wasn't too much of a problem for you.

SheDel said...

First of all... CONGRATS CONGRATS is in order for getting married. Your dress was FIERCE!!!! You and the hubby looked fab for 1/3 of the price. Also, you spent your honeymoon in PR?!?!? Cool, its right next door from me (U.S. Virgin Islands). I hope your trip was as beautiful and magnificent as you are!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pics! It looks like you both had a ball! And you look refreshed!

laniza said...

Ya'll look so relaxed and refreshed :)! Thanks for sharing with us.

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Congrats & Blessings!

You both look rested!

Thank you for sharing Puerto REIKO!
with us!


Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

Sleeping for 13 hours with your husband sounds.... AWESOME!!! You both look well rested and happy! :)


Awe! How cute are y'all! I guess they really take they soccer seriously there! haha NAPS...umm humm...yeah right! BOW CHICA WOW WOW LOL Kiah

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you changed the name.
Great idea ; )
You guys are so beautiful...all glowy with love!

...love Maegan said...

omg you two are TOO CUTE! I love the last two shots so much!!!

Shasie said...

I've always wanted to visit Puerto Rico!!

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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Sing said...

Nice shots. YOu guys look great together and in sweet marital bliss.

Juanette said...

I can't believe yall went to Puerto Reiko without me! That's ok....next honeymoon, I'm in, lol!

I just noticed that you and the man seem to have the same cheeks, has anybody told you that?

Looks like a fab time, next trip FABBER!!!! *GET READY!*

sheila said...

happy for you guys l have always checked out your blog even though l don't comment l we have same taste in shoes..we love u hear in Uganda..keep blogging

Anonymous said...

I was out of town and finally had a chance to come and catch up with your life. It great to see that your wedding and honeymoon went on beautifully. Congratulations and cheers to a blessed life and marriage!



SanguineBliss said...

Congratulations on your nuptials!!

I do have an ulterior motive, I was thinking about taking my daughter to PR for Christmas break.

How was your hotel? Where did you stay? Close to the beach ?

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