Honeymoon: Puerto Reiko (Part 2)

To be honest, we just wandered around Old San Juan and ran into things to do/see.
We were so relaxed (probably because of the marathon random naps)...that we just flew by the seat of our pants. 

We did make it to the Bacardi factory...which was kind of underwhelming but they give free Rum when you arrive...so that's something.
I was more interested in the history of the company but it was a free tour...so no complaints here.

Do you know why the bat is the symbol for Bacardi Rum?
It's because the founder's wife noticed fruit bats in the warehouse where the rum was being fermented.
I was listening to the tour guide...yes I was.

We once again lucked up on Fort San Christobal on the other side of the island.

I wasn't prepared for the inclines in Old San Juan. I'm smiling in this picture but my calves and heart were betraying me.

The night before we went to Plazas de America (the mall) and I picked up this little romper from F21. I foolishly packed only dresses so I had to go pick up some pants for the hike around the city.

The threat of Tropical Storm Emily forced the sun into hiding most of the trip but it was beautiful in Puerto Rico nonetheless.

Just some dudes playing a game of dominoes in the middle of the day...on a Wednesday.

You are looking at the mime...the street performer, aren't you?
Not me...I zoned in on the Marshall's bag in the background.
That meant there was a Marshall's nearby.
It was behind me when I took this picture.
I didn't go in.
But I slept better that night knowing that there was a Marshall's near me!

The final Puerto Reiko pics next...


Sing said...

Love that romper!
I did the Barcardi Factory too and wasn't that moved by it, but free booze is always a good thing.

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

I am LMAO because my friend just came back from PR and it's like you two went on the same trip! LOL

Anonymous said...

girl the Marshall's bag was the FIRST thing I noticed in that pic, even before reading what you wrote!! lol


That picture where you see the water coming up on the shore is BEAUTIFUL!!! Kiah

caramelnaps25 said...

Sadly when we went we stayed in Fajardo which was about an hour or two from San Juan. I was afraid to drive with the roads being so rocky and narrow. The hubby just wanted to sit on the island and chill:( I wanted to go explore, but NOT alone. LOL Next time I will go with the girls and let him chill AT HOME:) hehehe It rained every evening that we were there and like a fool I had gotten my hair pressed for our anniversary the weekend before. So every nite my hair got big from the rain and every nite I went in and flat ironed it again! Lol By the last day I threw a hat on and headed to the beach where I saw the largest rabbits ever! Now I know how to style my hair in twists, puffs and wash and go styles! I will never have that problem again! It looks like you both had a ball! I was tired like that after my wedding. I think I slept most of the evening away the day after the wedding while hubby entertained his family from out of town.

ConversingCaziah said...

WOW.. thanks for sharing. I love the views you captured.

RocquelleIsLovely said...

LMBO at zooming in on the Marshalls bag! These are amazing pictures! Glad y'all had a wonderful time hun!

L. Michelle said...

Reiko! Your pictures are so pretty! I didn't take a lot of good pictures when I was there! But listen..the bat symbolizes WEALTH! LOLOLOL Had you already had your drinks before the tour? LOLOL So glad you had fun! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Shanequa said...

I know exactly what you mean about the hills in Old San Juan! It's a beautiful city full of culture and awesome views. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves :-)


Ro said...

Looks liek you all had fun :-) and you can still make a romper and flip flops look fly.
Its a GIFT Reiko :-)

Tina said...

I'm loving all your honeymoon pics. It looks like you had an amazing time. Congrats again!

Nyssa said...

That romper is sooo cute. I can't wait to lose weight so I can show off some skin!

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