(Photos taken outside of the Flying Biscuit)
Jacket: Thrifted & Gifted by Juanette
Belt/Dress: Thrift
BCBG Heels
Earrings by Nappy Rutz (Atlanta's Own!)

 Now, that I've sufficiently gagged you with enough pics of my outfit...on to one of the MAIN reasons for my going to Atlanta! The hubby gifted me with a trip to ATL for my birthday, so I had to make the best of my short stay.
You may recall that I had a wedding portrait done by Atlanta's own fine artist/illustrator, Shanda Ferguson. 
What you don't know is that I've never met her before!

Once, we received the portrait the day before the wedding, I immediately added meeting Shanda on my bucket list. We placed the portrait at the entrance of our wedding venue, so when you walked in...it was the first thing you saw!
The portrait is hands down, my favorite thing in my house!

I've chatted with Shanda several times this year and even cried once on the phone when I got the portrait because I was so overwhelmed by its perfection!
What she doesn't know is how much she's inspired me just by talking about focusing on goals and speaking into existence what I want for my future. I love people who are into inspiring and encouraging others.

I enjoyed every single moment of our meeting at The Flying Biscuit this weekend. 
I'm always amazed at people with raw, natural talent and she did not disappoint!
We laughed and giggled like we've know each other for years.
I would gladly accept her into my family, which COULD happen if she ever chooses to...(he he he...inside joke)

Juanette,  Cherie (you'll meet her in a future post), Shanda and I had the best time ever!
It was one of the best girl lunch dates I've had in a long time!
And that Juanette...that one is a hoot! I wish I could do a top ten list of the crazy stuff that comes out of her mouth but I'd have to do some heavy editing! LOL! #classic

Shanda...I heart you in more ways than one!

Check out Shanda's work here
More Atlanta Posts coming!


Sing said...

Aw you gals look great. I love your thrifted outfit, that blazer rocks.

ShandyLand said...

And I heart YOU Reiko!! *clapping hands & singing like in The Color Purple* "Ain't no ocean, ain't no sea. Makidada" lol xo

SheDel said...

Love your fit girlie!!!! Its fab!!!!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Glad you had a great time in the A! You need to come back when we have a Fashionable Atlanta event.

Dawnya said...

You ladies are truly beautiful. Just natural beauty...no artifical flavors and I love it.

That portrait is so gorgeous. She is a very talented lady. I'm so glad you were able to meet her.

Loving your look...but what is new. LOL

I can't wait to read about the remainder of your birthday trip.

Tammie said...

All three of you look beutiful with your natural 'dos and style to match.
'm glad you are having such a good time and I'm looking forward to the other posts!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

Yay!!! I cannot wait to hear more about your trip! I am so glad you had a blast for your birthday trip!

GodsgirlT said...

Congratulations on your wedding! (love the wedding painting - very talented artist!) Happy Belated Birthday - you're getting older....AND better! Love your outfit. That jacket and those shoes.......JUST HOT! My favorite pic? The one with the Benz in the background! Love it! Love your blog too!

Corie said...

Glad you had a good time. I love the Flying Biscuit....that chicken pot pie is to die for!

Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

I knew you would love her. She is a gem and so lovely in person. Glad you had a ball. I reckon this won't be the last time you go to atl!

dana said...

I knew you would love her. She is a gem and so lovely in person. Glad you had a ball. I reckon this won't be the last time you go to atl!

LA Lynn's said...

I already know I will be contacting Shanda in the future!!!!

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Lea said...

Shoes, blazer, earrings, clutch?! I won't be greedy just please send me 1 of the 4 items...lol! Luv it -- very stylish!

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