ATLANTA...The Night When The Food Sucked!

My in-laws also live in Atlanta. So, Juanette and I decided to have a big family dinner where my in laws and her sister/nephews all could get to see us while we were in town. 

 We went to Paschal's Soul Food Restaraunt. 
One word.
Four words.

We waited about 30 minutes JUST TO GET OUR DRINKS.
We got our darn near cold bread about 15 minutes after drinks.  We waited well over an hour for our food.
There was practically no one else in the restaraunt. So WHY SO SLOW!?!
Surely, we thought the wait would be worth it! It had to be, right?!?

The entire table's food arrived cold! (Well, one side of Juanette's chicken was warm)
My Mac & Cheese must have come straight out of the box.
I thought the drought was only in Texas but apparently there was a salt and pepper drought in Paschal's because the food was BLAND!

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I believe in customer service and usually will politely demand it but I was with my in-laws.
I'm not ready to show them how I get down...just yet.

So, I sat and rocked...and rocked...and rocked in my seat like Madea! LOL!

Someone at the table said something to the manager.
The manager FINALLY had the nerve to check on things and we informed him of our experience.
Ummm...why was he trying to hit on the women at the table!?!?
  We came here for Soul Food not your crooked tooth smile! GRRR!
THEN...THEN....He asked US, "What should I do in this situation?"
 (H&M Dress, Pour La Victoire Heels, DIY RAVEN bag, Nappy Rutz earrings)

Aren't you the manager?
You didn't take Management classes?
Customer service class?
Haven't you ever been a customer?
By this time, I'm disgusted!

*still rocking like Ol' Ms. Sophia on the Color Purple in the Thanksgiving Dinner table scene*

I replied, "You should do what's fair and appropriate."
What do you think he offers us?
I'll wait...while you think...........

He offered to REFRESH our drinks...that should have already been refreshed an hour ago!
Then he asked if he can have new food brought to the table. 
WHY?? Because we like eating at midnight??
No, thank you.
What was his olive branch, you ask?
 Complimentary fruit and dessert for the whole table.
*blank stare*

Guess what.
We had to WAIT for that too!
He brought a single plate with a scoop of this and scoop of that...FOR THE WHOLE TABLE!
AS in our table of 8, try to divide a cupcake 8 ways!
Keep in mind...I'm trying to be on my best behavior.
So, I paid the OVERPRICED bill but you best believe that I wrote "all up and through" the receipt.
I was writing sideways...on the back...everywhere!


Juanette had words with him when we were leaving. I'll let her tell you about that exchange if she so chooses.

MORAL of the story...THEY SUCKED!
*I will be posting my experience on YELP!*

...Next post...Gladys Knight Chicken and Waffles and thrift shopping in the ATL!


Monday's Baby said...

Make sure to stop by Stefan's in Little Five Points. It's been 6 years since I left Atlanta, and I still miss it!

Dawnya said...

Sis...you are better than me. I would have apologized to the in-laws and went in on them. I'm so proud of you for restraining yourself.

You should have had a Sophia "talking to Miss Milly moment" when she punche dthe Mayor. That service was beyond unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

REIKO! Go on to their website and write their corporate office. Normally that works, and they will make up for that locations terrible service. And if they don't have a corporate office. Then call that location or write to the General Manager. It will be worth it, especially for them to know how the manager on duty didn't help the situation at all. I'd link them to your blog also. Showing that you have many viewers and followers on your blog and Facebook and they will not like it at all. I use to be a server and the GM's always took care of those who didn't get good service. - Shanda

Baby Shopaholic said...

Pascals is so over rated... it's near the colleges, I think that is the only reason why they are open.

Prissy said...

WOW!! That's how the service was at Strip in Atlanta. Will never go there again. And thanks for letting us know this. I wont be visiting that place.

On a lighter note, I'm loving your outfit. I bought this dress, but it looked NOTHING like this on me. It looked horrible. I love it with the bright blue shoes & funky earrings. CUTE!!


RocquelleIsLovely said...

That sounds like an experience that would have made the old me come out and go off! Nonetheless, you look AMAZING in that dress! I'm not usually a black dress person, but I really need that one in my closet.

Sing said...

Man that sucks when you are with a group and can't speak up, I've been there. I am not one to have bad service without a word or 5 to someone there. He should have comped that mess.
Cute outfit.

TrendySocialite said...

I am so sorry you had a bad experience! That sounds awful. I probably would not have paid the total bill. They would have gotten 1/2 at best. You were very gracious. :)

The Fashionista Next Door said...

Oh lawd!!!! You are better than me, honey! I would NOT have held my tongue AT ALL. I am sorry you all had that experience.

and I know I am not supposed to be laughing but this made my day

*still rocking like Ol' Ms. Sophia on the Color Purple in the Thanksgiving Dinner table scene*

...you said it! LOL

You look super cute anyway, girl!

I wish I had known you guys were looking for a good soul food spot. The Pecan in college park is TheBomb.com!!! Upscale soul food, and deelish. Great customer service, and the best damn peach tea you will every have in your life.

antonia said...

*still rocking like Ol' Ms. Sophia on the Color Purple in the Thanksgiving Dinner table scene*

this visual will keep me laughing for the rest of the day!

you guys should come back this weekend...lol

InnyVinny said...

I hope she cussed someone out. That is unacceptable as all get out.

Tammie said...

Good job taking the high road...
There's a lot of that going around... read this post, if you please:

I need to take a daycation to Houston because the H&M in Dallas SUckED! I saw nothing like that dress you have on in there and I am appalled!

Momma's Sunshine said...

Sorry to hear this one. But, I agree...customer service goes a loooong way and so many businesses seem to have lost it.

I eat at the Paschal's at the Airport and the food has been pretty decent...with the exception of their cornbread...yuk!

Maybe they will see this post and get a clue!

CheapChicandCurvy said...

I'm sorry you guys experienced this! But you had me rolling lol! OMG I write on receipts too lol, I don't want to be labeled the "angry black customer" so I just spell out my feelings on the receipt lol! Aside from the pis-poor service at the restaurant you look absolutely amazing! I hope you enjoyed your time in Atlanta Reiko!

Tiffany said...

Dang I am trying to figure out what else could have possibly gone wrong. A mess. Maybe I will write them a nasty critique like I was there LOL. however, your outfit is super cute :) that is always a plus.

Juanette said...

"sat in that jail, sat in that jail so long til I done near rot to deaf...."

them suckas at Paschals's! I am working on my post now!

@Tammie don't make me kick you off somebody ELSE'S blog, talking bout Dallas H&M! It's better than nuffin...*mumbling...and Houston ain't got no H&M...*

Alissa said...

Oh man! You just have been serving it up lately with these looks. I love them all. You look uber chic.

Grandma's Baby said...

LMAO at your post. Girl Paschal is so hit and miss. I wish I would have known y'all were going, I would have told you NO! BTW you are on Yelp?! Yay, I love Yelp. Like really. Do you mind sharing your Yelp profile link, so I can friend you, I bet your reiews are hilarious. Thanks.

My Yelp profile, is http://www.yelp.com/user_details?userid=XrI-QC_cRhRW3oHorfW2RA

Anonymous said...

folks, I know the service was bad but she did right all of them to hold their tongues while someone is serving and cooking your food. I know folks that work in eating places that tell horrible stories about getting back at customers. I certainly would not have asked or waited for them to replace my food, a nono..just sayin...You and the whole group should have left and went somewhere else...Never put up with bad service and folks never complain and send your food back, hust get up and go somewhere else...You think!!!! I have been warned about eating places and complaining about food, it is horrible stories, just imagine the details...I also worked with teens that worked at eating places and it is not a pretty sight , you better bless your food..oh the horror of just thinking about it makes me holla...

Kerissa said...

Read your account and then Jeanette's and I was triple pissed but you both handled it properly although some of the previous comments seemed more to my liking, lolol. Nevertheless, you darling look fantastic, Xo.

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