The Dead Has Arisen!

Let it be known!
I'm a woman of my word.
I said if the temperatures dropped, I would do a post!
Well, here I am!
The heat in Houston has been unbearable. Someone turned the temperature to HELL, so it's been increasingly hard to deal with keeping clothes on after work!

Urban Outfitters Cropped Tee (I altered neckline...of course)
Gap (DIY dyed yellow) skirt
Sam Edelman Wedges
Aldo Earrings
Vintage Sunnies
Silver bracelet gifted by Juanette
Orange bracelet (old)

This isn't one of my fave outfits but it served its purpose.
Theoretically, one is supposed to wear a loose top with a fitted bottom or the other way around.
I just really wanted to wear gray and yellow together and I didn't have to iron.
No ironing always wins.
Ironing is not my ministry.

I had a relaxing Labor Day  weekend. I hung out with my bestie hubby and finally saw a few movies I've been wanting to see.

Good times. Now I must go back into hiding in case the temperature rises:)

Is the temp set to HELL in your neck of the woods too?
Or is it just Houston that's been so lucky??


LA Lynn's said...

Reiko, I absolutely LOVE your sense of humor!!!! All I could think about after seeing your BLOG title was: I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!!!! lol

At any rate, you are rocking the FIT in that HELLIFIED TEMP!!!!! :D

The ATL finally got some rain sooo it was wet & dry!!!! A damper...

Shasie said...

They sure did! I have never been so relieved for fall in my life! Noticing again that you are a Houston blogger and so am I! Do you attend any fashion events in the area? I'm so excited for fashion's night out!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

RocquelleIsLovely said...

You know I've been battling the Houston hell with you honey chile! The weather Sunday was heavenly!!

I really love that cropped top; I think you need to alter one for me! Yellow and gray with brown is so lovely together.

Your title had me LMBO, you are pure comedy darling!

Dawnya said...

Austin was set to beyond hell. This Texas weather is ridiculous! You are looking fly as always. Yellow is such a beautiful color on you.

Toria said...

I'm in Dallas so I feel ya on the horrible weather!!!

Dark&Lovely89 said...

I live in Vegas. It is hell out here in the summer. People always say the dry heat isn't as bad as humidity. But I BEG TO DIFFER. Most days I chill at home in my undies lol unless I have school or work.

Chilel said...

It is hot in Japan as well. I feel like I am melting...so I am only wearing breezy outfits. I have to steal your style. You are the reason why I am looking for a grey tee to turn into a cropped top

Juanette said...

ummmmmmmmm, WHERE YOU AT REIKO?!?!? I recognize those steps! I wanna go! I need a tasty adult beverage that gets me buzzed after one drink too! :(

...oh yeah...you look cute...

Ro said...

this weather right now is SOOO wonderful>>I hope it stays.
I damn near screamed @ "ironing is not in my ministry"

FashionAddict said...

That top is fabulous and will serve you well this fall!

Anonymous said...

You look great! Love the grey and yellow. Don't you mean Labor weekend? lol! You said Memorial..

Tammie said...

First and foremost, I'm gonna need that purse

Secondly, I need you to do a DIY tutorial on that top you are wearing.
I don't want to be cutting my clothes up and mess 'em up mmmmmmmmkay!
Thank you very much!
[the end]

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

...wish it would drop and stay there!!!

Kerissa said...

Ohh those wedges!! Some folks are experincing Pre-Fall but South Florida is still set to hell with a few thunderstorms thrown in. You are hilarious :))

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