GFS is Coming to Atlanta!!!!

(Art work by Atlanta artist/genius Shanda Ferguson)

Guess who will be in Atlanta for her 36th birthday next week thanks to her generous hubby!
Ummm hmmm. Get ready!

Anddddd....Juanette's coming too!
Trouble in the city!

I am dying to meet all of my Atlanta peeps, bloggers and readers!
Are you interested in hanging out?
 Let me know in the comments/email/tweet and I'll update you on what we come up with!
Maybe we can have a thrifting blogger meet up or lunch on Saturday.

Also, what places must we visit for ultimate thrifting)?
Any events happening next weekend?
I need some good food...where do we go??
We'll be there Sept 16-19!
My birthday is Sept 14th:)
Are you down!?!?

Do you like GFS?
Tweet much?


Shalilac said...

I would so love to meet up with you guys! The shopping idea sounds great teehee. Gonna follow up on twitter to see what everyone comes up with ;~)

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Well, Well the City will be SHUT UP or Down if the BOTH of you are coming! Hmmm
I'll be back



That sounds like such a good time! Have fun and make sure you post lots of pics! Kiah

Pretty Girls Home said...

I only thrift out of my families closet but I would love to do a meet up!!! So many great places here what are you in the mood for?

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

How jealous am I for the lucky Atlanta Peaches who get to have hang time with you *AND* Juanette?!?!!?!?

::::Psychically sending your Hubby the idea to bring you to NYC next time around::::

antonia said...

i'm sooo down! i've been begging for this!

Anonymous said...

Reiko:) I was so excited when I asked JB when she'd be coming and she replied next weekend! I am not free until later each day, but I definitely gotta see my fav ladies! B and R is where a group of us went last weekend- its on Roswell Road and you'll be there for a few hours. Thursday is 99 cent day for women's clothing, but Friday is 50% off certain tag colors. I will pull the calendar and sent it to you via fb. Whta kind of food you looking for? Then I can tell you where to go:) I am so excited!

hopelessly devoted said...

Yes!!! In the flesh!! I will definitely be looking forward to 2 of my fave bloggers! Keep us posted on details and happy bday!!

Grandma's Baby said...

I would love to meet you. I enjoy your blog. Count me in. If you need any place to go eat out check out these links. I love Yelp and these are place I love. Hope that helps. Keep me updated. Thanks, Dee


Tammie said...

I was going to say something cliche like "have fun," but I ALREADY know you will!

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

Yes, I am jealous. That is all! Have fun!! My mom went to Atlanta and bought me back some baning bangles from Belks. You need to go there...and bring me back some bangles and headbands. I think it was Belks...IDK.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

OOOH! I'm so excited you are all down! I will post on Wed or Thurs the exact details!

I'm giving out free hugs that day!

Baby Shopaholic said...

I am in the A and would love to meet you guys! I follow on twitter

Anonymous said...


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