GFS Series: Christ Chic & Atlanta...Here I Come!

It's been a while since I've done a Christ Chic post huh?
(For the GFS Newbies..."Christ Chic" is just what I wear to church on Sundays:)

I got this dress from the thrift store well over a year ago.
Once upon a time, I couldn't slide it over my hips but I dropped 12 lbs this summer (and counting hopefully) so I decided to debut it at church.
It once had sleeves.
But you know I took care of that with the quickness.

In other news...only a few days until I'm in Atlanta!
I'm so excited that people are willing to come say hi.
Juanette and I have decided to do a "Eat and Thrift" mini blogger meet up with our Atlanta bloggers and readers.
Since we both heart thrifting, it just makes sense to meet at a thrift shop...SFAM style!

I will post the time and place before Thursday of this week once we get the details.
It will be extremely informal and I hope to snag a few thrift goodies and hug everyone!
Thank you for all of the people who have responded/emailed that they will swing by!
We can't wait!

I'm still interested in any events/places/restaraunts that I must visit in Atlanta!
P.S...I especially am focused on getting some great "southern" food!

(Switched to my wedding (reception) shoes for a pop of color)
Vintage (thrifted/altered) dress
Vintage Clutch
Aldo Jewelry
Random Belt
L.A.M.B. Nude heels
Pink Steve Madden Heels
Urban Outfitters Sunglasses (I figured these were the closet to the Tom Ford Anouk Glasses in my budget)


Style & Poise said...

"Christ Chic"..I love it! You look cute, I've always loved pink and purple combo...and adore your shoes...I wore a similiar pair to church today myself! Have fun in the A!!!


hopelessly devoted said...

Ok... I am so glad you are back at it and excited about y'all coming this weekend! There are some great restaraunts up here (as you should know) Beautiful's a wonderful restaurant specializing in southern cuisine. Check out the link http://www.beautifulrestaurant-atlanta.com/
but I must warn you it's on Cascade! If you are willing to venture out of the southern food I know some places that would be great as well! Staying tune for more info.

Shen Dove said...

Love your dress! Looks great with your pink heels.

Toria said...

Super cute shoes! The dress looks great on you...love the little cut-out detail on the back.
~Toria :)


Chastity Garner said...

A great place to thrift in ATL is Poor Little Rich Girl in College Park (south Atlanta near the airport). I frequented there all the time when I lived there. The owner's name is Winter...she is super nice!

Chastity Garner said...

and for southern food visit Paschals off of Northside Dr. (I think) (they even have a place in the Airport) the restaurants fried chicken & mac & cheese is die for. You should also visit 5 points for thrift shopping.

Sing said...

Love the pencil dress, so chic.

Tammie said...

You are giving 'em the business in that dress ma'am!
See what getting married does for ya? LOL!
You look good.

LA Lynn's said...

Yessss... I loving the dress and the way that it fit. Also, would LOVE to meet you ladies: PUH-LEASE Keep us posted... I have plans for this weekend but I will move some things around so that I can get the opportunity to meet the Fashionable DUO!!!!! Hope to see you soon.. :D

Lucija said...

Ahhh, such pretty photos! Love the way you think - so chic!
Follow each other? :)


Kerissa said...

Ohhh weee to the wedding reception shoes which should now be the bedroom BOOM shoes, lol!! That is one beautiful dress and the triangular peek a boo adds another interesting element to the fun pattern. Love that you show off style for church cause some folks are clueless ;(

09 10