Living My Style Dream

I don't envy people.
Because usually people you think that have it all together are a freaking basketcase.

But my style obsession with Solange is getting ridiculous.
Her style game is umatched in my book.
She is living my style dream in this photo.

All I've ever wanted was a sequin caftan and the perfect leopard shoes.
If you've been following GFS for a long time, you know it's true:)

I'm framing this picture.

Fatima Robinson, choreographer extraordinaire, isn't far behind..


RushOurFashion said...

OMG!! Solange looks amazing (as usual)!! A sequin caftan??? That's just bananas!!


ShandART Productions said...

I LOVE Fatima!! I love Solange's style also. I can so see you rocking both looks. So that's what that is called...a caftan?! Love the blue sequins with the leopard, so hot!

Sing said...

I love everything about both of these ladies and their style. I'm going to need some home tours soon.

Miesha Roshawn said...

You need a shirt that says "Leopard IS a neutral!"

Donna Dorrane said...



CreativeLib said...

FATIMA IS THE CHICK! loooooove her style! Always have!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

I agree!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Robe...caftan..whatever...I need one in my life!

Key said...

Look at Fatimaaaa I remember obsessing over a pair of earrings and bangles I saw her in back in the day and I didn't stop until I found them! And well...you already know how I feel about SoloStar!

slavetofashion said...

Solange is one of my biggest girl crushes. Her style, her sound - she does it all her own way. And I love her for it!!

Purplgirl48 said...

The first time I saw that pic of Solo's caftan my heart did a flip flop. It's beautiful and so is she.

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