GFS Christ Chic: Does Blogging Make You Shop?

I just watched a TJ Maxx/Marshall's commercial and the blogger said that she HAS to shop for new clothes daily because of her blog.
Do you do that?
I don't. 
I'm not saying I don't go into Marshall's on Tuesdays and Thursdays religiously because those are their shipment days.
Because I do. 

But not because I want to buy to post for my blog.
That's "cray" 
*Kanye shrug*
(The above two lines are evidence that I've been listening way too much of the Jay Z/Kanye cd)

(I wore this to church...I felt over dressed. A lady had on spandex leggings and a short shirt. #sigh)

I actually LOVE finding new ways to wear my clothes already in my closet.
The hubby sometimes refuses to take my blog pics.
He'll say "You've worn that skirt before."
Of course I have!
That's the point, isn't it?
To figure out new ways to wear old stuff?
I usually just stomp my feet and scream "TAKE THE PICTURE!"

African Jacket: Thrifted by Juanette
Skirt worn as dress: Target 
Shoes: Steve Madden Sarrina
Bag: American Apparel

Next week, I'll show you how I plan to wear the skirt as a headwrap! LOL.
Not really. 
But don't put it past me!

(Side note...I should have worn my skinny leopard belt. It would've made me happier, I think)

Do you feel obligated to shop more because you have a style/fashion blog?
Or do you know someone like that?
Not judging. 
Just asking.


Tammie said...

I do shop with my blog in mind.
I am trying to add grown woman swag to my wardrobe and when I try on clothes, I say in my heard, "Wow! this will make a GREAT outfit post." I am also inspired by what I see some fabulous Bloggers do and tend to copycat elements of that look while adding traces of my own style.

iwannabefierce said...

You are hilarious this post is to funny. To answer your question no I don't shop for my blog. I usually get things that I need or like you re wear things in new ways.


PCFashionista said...

you look fab! and i need to shop my closet more often... i buy too much stuff and never wear it.

Veronique said...

Stomping your FEET made me forget what I was reading! Wayyy too funny!
No I recycle all the time. No need to get new items daily.

EbonyCPrincess said...

girl, i had the SAME reaction when I saw that commercial. I was like how ridiculous, I actually would not want to follow a blog where the owner never repeats anything. hard to be inspired by that.

RocquelleIsLovely said...

Everytime I see that commercial, I think "is she serious?!" My shopping habits haven't changed since I started blogging; now I just have people to share my finds with who actually care and don't pretend to care because they love me lol.

Having to shop because you have a blog is ridiculous, and you my dear look AMAZING!! I love that African jacket!

Natalie said...

Kind of like Tammie, I sometimes think, "Hey, I love this and it will be fun to share on my blog!" when I find a new piece I love, but yeah, that commercial seemed lame to me. Really? You need new stuff every day to show a new outfit every day? Silly me. Here I've been washing and rewearing my clothing for years.

Shon said...

Hmm, I saw that commercial too and thought, what? They are trying to sway us to shop/spend. I am in a rut right now and need to revamp/reuse what I have and not spend any more. I sometimes feel compelled to spend when I see the girls posting new finds on their blogs. http:thesunflowermama.blogspot.com/

CheapChicCURVY said...

You look fabulous as usual! I don't feel pressure to constantly shop for blogging purposes.

Freshly fatshionable said...

i shop more because i love to shop period. lol but my blog does make me evaluate what i'm wearing and challenges me to be more crealtive with my outfits...by the way, thats an ankara jacket! looks lucious...never would have thought to pair it with stripes...creative much. lol

tracismixedbag said...

I have to say, this is one of my favorite outfits to date.

To answer your question, I would like to shop everyday but blogging doesn't make me shop everyday. If I went to the store I'd shop everyday. AS a matter of fact, when I worked at Macy's, I shopped everyday.

I think making a turban out of a skirt is a great idea. Check out when I made one out of my leggings for fun, joined by my niece. http://www.tracismixedbag.com/2011/09/what-im-wearing-wednesday-turban.html

StaceyKay said...

This is literally one of my favorite outfits of yours! So creative. I wouldn't say I shop more because of my blog, but it gives me a good excuse to thrift. But, let's just be honest, I always have an excuse for shopping. (When I was in fashion school) "But it's just like STUDYING" (When the economy was slumped) "I'm just doing my patriotic part!" and so on....

Goodwill Huntingg: Enter my Shabby Apple dress giveaway!

Erin Sharp said...

That commercial made me CRAZY! I love TJ Maxx, don't get me wrong. But their commercials - are crap. All they do is scream "BUY BUY BUY so you (the viewer) can be cool like this paid actress!" It actually makes me feel sort of dirty the few times I go in there. I shop in my CLOSET, trying to put stuff together in new ways.

Inez said...

Great topic!
I think my blog has definitely influenced my shopping habits. For instance I started thrifting because of all the hottness I saw others rocking, and yes I'll admit sometimes if I see a particular item on someones blog and I like it I'll buy it, if it's still available.

I don't think I shop merely because I have a fashion blog....I've always had this problem! HA!

Btw, you look perfect in this I love the mix of patter and I love the stripes peaking through underneath! DO IT!

Style & Poise said...

Love this look! Yes, every time I see that comemrcial I think How ridiculous..to go broke over a blog..not me! lol....so to answer the question, I shop as I reguarly would. Blogging def. has not increased my shopping habit but it def. has influenced my shopping.... i.e. thrifting


SweetTooth Desserts said...

I love this outfit, especially the jacket!!

I have never seen that commercial , but that is just doing too much!! For me if anything blogging has helped me learn to better recycle the things I already have, not run out and by more just for my blog. It has also inspired me to get into thrifting, now that is a great way to find great items and still save money.

Carsedra of:



Jazmine Jade said...

I want that dress/skirt! Girl I listen to JayZ and Kanye everyday, lol! I call it my blogging music cause it's blastin from my car when I take pics. Yes sometimes while shopping I'll see an outfit I want cause I think it's hot and I want to buy it but also think it will look good on my blog. But I definitely don't go buy clothes daily just to blog them. I've been thrifting for yrs and could fill up a whole closet but I have a habit, lol.

BajanBeauty said...

I saw the same commercial a few times and I always look at it with a blank stare. Shopping just to post isn't realistic. I think I have become a better shopper since becoming a blogger. I put my outfits together better and I have a better eye for what works for me and what doesn't. I already had my shopping habit, it's just better refined now, lol. I will purchase an item if I see another blogger wear it well, i.e. the striped skirt you have on, lol.

Sing said...

Really cool outfit. I don't shop to post, if anything the blog makes me think of new ways to remix my wardrobe.

missmoonsmusings said...

Blogging certainly makes me WANT to shop a lot (at Marshall's or anywhere!).... my paycheck keeps me in check! LOL

Creative Liberation Journal said...

Because I love to check out new designers/or artists...


But since I'm unemployed, it have my spending in check!


Chilel said...

blogging does not make me shop more (I am a shopaholic anyway) but I do shop with my blog in mind. I used to shop without thinking. But once I think about the pictures I plan on posting I start styling an outfit around the thing I want to buy. But the thing that makes me buy more is chekcing other bloggers. I may see this striped skirt on you and say "wow, I would love to own a skirt like that".( btw I saw the green and black version of it on a Japanese celebrity and I alsmot die because it was so pretty.) Yours is also fabulous! Proves to show that once we are exposed to something often, we tend to like it!

drollgirl said...

um, YOUR DRESS IS AWESOME! you look so fab!!!!!!!!

thankfully i don't feature my clothes or ME on my blog. that is a lotta pressure to look good, but also a chance to be creative i suppose!

Shanticka Buchanan said...

I can say that blogging makes me shop differently. I look for deals more. I also look for more color in my wardrobe. I don't think I shop more because of blogging though.


Kerissa Blue said...

If I need a laugh and some inspiration to rework something in my closet this is where I stop! Love reading your posts. When my check was a bit better I'd buy stuff I saw on other blogs but umm you already know I teach so that means I thrift and rework what's already in the overstuffed closet. Thursday's post is featuring a dress you caused me to buy from a thrift store last year. Yep your fault, lolol.

Eboni Ife' said...

LOL! Umm yeah that's cray cray! I need to know what that blogger does for a living so I too can afford to shop every day for my blog. #Imjustsayin

Anyway, I love that combo. WORK IT! We can't get enough of that skirt. Actually, I BOUGHT THAT SKIRT because of you.

So, maybe blogging does make me shop... because all you heffas are just too cute, and I'm tryna keep up. Shame on you for being so cute!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Girl! You have good stuff in your closet! I need to come shopping in your closet!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Thank you! I'm gonna check out your post!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Whenever I see that commercial, I'm like "really?" That's crazy! But I bet some people do it!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

An ankara jacket...I learn something new everyday! I am a believer in mixing prints:)

Key said...

I often wonder what happened to "church clothes", folks are toooooo comfy with it these days! Love this look!

Liz said...

Wows these dresses are really looking fabulous.It's so pretty.
This is literally one of my favorite outfits of yours! So creative.

Kleavon said...

I am totally impressed. These dresses are fits perfectly and look stunning. I never doubted your professionalism and
I am completely impressed with your standards and product.

Ashley said...

Girl you better WORK! You look Too freaking cute. Love the pattern combo. Yes Blogging does make me shop lol


GFS said...

She is looking cool.All the pics are really awesome.This is my kind of blog - insightful and well written. Thanks for posting.One of the best blogs I’ve read. Will definitely recommend to others. Good work.

GFS said...

You've got style and a great sense of humor; love it! To answer your question, NO I don't feel obligated to shop and I do think it's exciting to reinvent your pieces; however, I shop just because I LOVE IT!

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