GFS Christ Chic:Manners

Here's another installment of Christ Chic.
 (For the new GFS readers...that just means an outfit post on what I wore to church)
I had to set an example to someone in church today.
A lady was sitting next to me in church with an "active" 3 year oldish kid.
He was a terror. 
Which is fine...I'm not judging.
She gave him some Cinnamon Toast Crunch from a baggie as a snack.
Which again is fine...because sometimes I sneak Honey Nut Cheerios in for my own snack:)
But he didn't eat it.
He threw it on the floor.

Mind you that this was the first Sunday in our brand NEW building.
Pretty, shiny floors and all.
I waited and waited for her to pick up the cereal. 
I thought maybe she was waiting for the choir to finish singing.
Oh...she must be waiting for the sermon to be over.

Surely she is waiting for the church announcements to be made. 
Oh...what is that sound? 
That's the sound of her kid CRUNCHING the cereal on the brand new floors with his feet.
And what's all of that over the brand new church seats? 

So now, I'm distracted.

Why won't she pick up the cereal?
I sat there for almost two hours side eyeing the mother...not the kid. The kid doesn't know any better.
The mother does. 
She doesn't.
By the time the pastor said his final prayer, I already made the decision that I'm going to pick up the cereal as soon as church as over. 

So I did.
What do you think she did?
She leans over and starts to help as I am hand sweeping the crumbs with my church program.
She said, "Oh thank you but I was going to wait til church was over to get the ushers to grab a broom to get it."

Ummm hmm lady.
Umm hmmm.

H&M Top
 Zara skirt
 Pour La Victoire Booties
 American Apparel Bag 
Aldo Earrings/Statement bracelet (gifted by Juanette)
Aldo Bangles
Vintage Sunglasses


Creative Liberation Journal said...

Hey Lady! Been a while...

You are hilarious, the outfit is fly annnnd, I need those shoes!!

Ruralglamour said...

mess. there are such things as manners in the church house...i think a generation got skipped on that. you look fantastic..btw.

Shasie said...

Oooh I like the christ chic feature!

Shasie of Live Life in Style
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StaceyKay said...

Good for you! You're so brave. Loving your Christ chic!

Goodwill Huntingg

SweetTooth Desserts said...

Love your outfit and great blog by the way (just found it)!! The shoes and bag are sooo cute!!

I know how those moments can be at church and all you can do is side-eye the parent and shake your head!!! lol

Carsedra of:



CheapChicCURVY said...

Reiko you look fab! I can picture you side-eyeing the lady just plain as day LOL!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Yep, Needless to say, I couldn't tell you what the sermon was about:(

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Thank you! Welcome!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Hey girl! It has been a while!

Lynn said...

Not the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crumbs... Don't she know you was too FLY to be scrapping them crumbs off the floor... LOL!!!! I'm loving the shoes & the clutch!!!!

Tammie said...

I love your posts with the grafitti in the background! They inspire me step up my photo game.

Chilel said...

Have you ever thought about doing stand up comedy because believe me Woman you are hilarious. I check your blog fist on my blogroll because not only do I get so see fabulous outfits, but also because you are real, down to earth and most importantely the funniest blogger on earth..

Adeea Rogers said...

That's a shame. She probably expected them to sweep it up for her. And the fact that she did not discipline him is not good either. She could have at least told him not to crush them with their feet. Ugh, as someone who has cleaned an entire church before by myself, this really ticks me off. Some people have little respect for houses of worship. How about I come to your house and crush cereal into your floor?!?!? LOL

shalilac said...

Wow! She was bold! Luvin that blouse Lady.

RocquelleIsLovely said...

Oh my! I would've had to say something during offering, making you miss the good Word!

Nonetheless, you looked beyond chic dealing with her parenting madness!! I need that skirt (I seem to need every skirt you own lol).

Denise said...

HAHAH this is such a funny story! I can just imagine this happening in church!! Love your outfit by the way! I bet your the most stylish one there!

XOXO – Denise


PS: Don’t forget to enter my vintage jewelry/antique tea cup giveaway on my blog if you haven’t entered already!!

ShenDove said...

Love this whole look! Your boots, bag and jewelry look great together.

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Thank you chica!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

Adeea, you are a PK right? So you know the ushers weren't trying to sweep up that mess!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

LOL! What a huge compliment! Thank you! I'm funnier on paper than in real life though. I'm learning to just shut my mouth more because my dry sense of humor gets taken out of context often and I'm constantly apologizing for being silly...but I would love to do comedy writing. I would never stand in front of a crowd and perform. Never!

Inez said...

No home training...having...! lol

I love this outfit, I just love style it's so you!

Drollgirl said...

that lady is going straight to hell for being a slob and a liar! lol

Sing said...

Love that blouse, pretty color.

Key said...

I want those sunglasses!!!

jentine said...

Ha! Best story... way to set a good example!

Kerissa Blue said...

Love the color combo and that top made me wanna go shopping (kidding kinda). I've had this very same thing happen to me and I'm like What.The.What. in church. She had to be a visitor right? Was she also the person wearing the tights and you just mentoned it in your earlier post?

Megs said...

I once spent 2 hours sitting in front of a woman who told her kid, "if you don't stop you are not going to get a treat after" EVERY FIVE SECONDS. At what point does the kid not get a flippin treat for acting like a fool? I almost told that woman that if she didn't stop she wasn't going to get a treat. Seriously. How am I supposed to develop christlike qualities when I have the devil and her demon sitting behind me??

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