Pushing the Limits

H&M Dress
Bag: Goodwill
American Apparel Turtleneck

So far, I've worn these motorcycle boots 9 days in a row. 
With dresses.
With jeans.
With pajamas. 
It doesn't really matter. 
They're perfectly rugged and comfortable.
No point in stopping now. 

While we are on the subject of "pushing the limits"...
What's with the turtleneck under a spring/summer dress, you ask?
It's my last ditch effort to wear one of my favorite dresses before Old Man Winter decides to show up.

If people can wear socks with sandals (not judging...even tried it once)...then I can wear my favorite summer/spring dress:)
If blogging has taught me anything...it's that you make your own rules.

What limits have you pushed lately...stylishly speaking?


GFS said...

You look so cute!

It's funny how you can see someone styled a certain way and love it, but when you try it... it's all jacked up! lol! I did a post a few days ago about trying to push my limits and it didn't work for me. It's cool though. I will continue to go there with my style.


GFS said...

Define winter in Houston... you probably wear a scarf and think you are bundling up right? Haha... I am not bitter. Yes, I am actually. Ýou look cute in your t-neck...

GFS said...

You got it! A snuggie,a scarf and a margarita will keep you warm in Houston on the coldest day!
Atleast in Canada, you know what "real snow" looks like! We have to go to the mall and twirl in the snowmachine! www.godsfavoriteshoes.com
11th Commandment: Thou Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

I agree with you! So much doesn't work on me but I atleast try the look once. www.godsfavoriteshoes.com
11th Commandment: Thou Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

I spy that bracelet...that I would LOVE to borrow/have :-)

I love this look....

GFS said...

this is the FIRST time I've seen motorcycle boots and loved the look!!!

GFS said...

That's right...make your own rules! If you love it that's all that matters. I for one think the rules you have set with this outfit is just fine with me. I love them boots!


GFS said...

I think you look great!! There are ways to winterize spring/summer items!! It's like wearing a blazer and boots with a summer maxi dress, it can be done and look great!!!

As for pushing my limits, I can't say I have pushed them I really want to but I don't believe I have the piece that I think I need to push them. I do think alot of my clothes are more conservative than I want because I like edgy, I like bohemian those kind of styles that I why when I dress conservative I add something edgy to it!!

Carsedra of:



GFS said...

I need that purse Reiko! Like now! I am sick and shut in and need a treat:) I see many posts about transitioning summer looks into fall. I don't see nothing' wrong with it!

GFS said...

I think this is a fabulous look.

GFS said...

Those boots are fricken amazing!

GFS said...

Hey lovely lady! I just found your blog and I love it! You look fabulous:) I also became a follower. Stop by 4scarlet.com let me know what you think and follow back. I'll definitely keep checking out your blog- you've got a great personal style:) XO

real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

GFS said...

9 days in a row! i love it! and i can see why you wear those boots so much -- they are FAB! the whole look is fab!

i won't even tell you how many days in a row i have worn this bra. ok, delete this comment!

GFS said...

I LOVE thise boots! Flat, leather boots are my favorite. I push the limits by never matching. I don't really like overly matched/color coordnated outfits and most times see red and yellow as a neutral. The fun of fashion for me is mixing things that seem unusual and coming up with something fierce.

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