Happy New Year!
Hopefully you prosper in all ways that are great!

I go back and forth about making a list of goals every year. 
You know...the cliche' of it all. 
I think it works for some people. Not for others. Not sure where I fall into that. 
I do have a pretty good mental note going though:)
Do you make resolutions?
Have you stuck to them in the past?
Do tell:)

 Old Navy Top
Thrifted skirt/scarf
Zara Plaitted shopper bag
Aldo earrings (gifted by Juanette)
Pour La Victoire Irina heels(black)

(The skirt in full swing)


GFS said...

I put my sweater on yesterday...then took it off...it didn't "feel" right with what I was wearing. Love the casual vs dressiness of it all (very WWJD, lol.) I am working on my goals as we speak, I've been coming up with them since my b-day but I'm just now writing them down. We'll discuss later...you are part of my "plan" and yes it is what you think, lol!!! Stop smirking...

GFS said...

That skirt is the bomb and you know I'm a sucker for anything striped.

GFS said...

Love that skirt in full swing! =D

I don't do resolutions. I just have it in my head that every year represents a new start.


GFS said...

nice kick on the end of your skirt!


GFS said...

I love that top, a combination of two of my favorite colors!

GFS said...

Love the bag!

xo Ashleigh


GFS said...

Hey lady, cool look, love the hair.

GFS said...

Happy New Years Sweet Lady... I'm digging your hair! NO resolutions for me just working on being a better me everyday! :D

GFS said...

I just resolve to continue... It always works out that I have done something better with my life when I continue to go in a positive direction.

09 10