GFS Christ Chic: Sucks


Did I tell you guys the story about a grown woman sucking her thumb in church a few weeks ago?
A grown woman! 
And she was a fly chick too!

Hair was swinging...
Louis Vuitton Speedy in her lap...
Banging body...
She couldn't have been more than 25.
She was the chick guys rap about...not the video vixen type but the "she's bad" type.

She sat in the row in front of me.
She turned to the side for something and that's when I saw it!
HER THUMB WAS IN HER MOUTH and she was going to TOWN!
I think I made a noise but the choir drowned me out.
I tapped my husband.
Alerted the brother in law.
Burned a hole in the back of her friends' heads because they clearly were okay with it. 
I was distracted from that point on because I was trying to make it make sense in my head.

When it was time...."sucky thumb ladychick" got up during altar call for prayer...

Ummm hmmm.
For a split second I wondered what she was praying for.
But then quickly realized it's not my business.
But I wondered.

 P.S...Before you get wound up...I'm not anti thumb sucking on adults. And yes church is supposed to be a place of worship. But there are distractions anywhere. An adult sucking their thumb should expect to get noticed.

(Old Navy Tee/Arden B beaded skirt (sooo old)/BCBG heels/Thrift necklace/Vintage Clutch/Sunnies)

*Christ Chic posts are simply what I wore to church*

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GFS said...

sucky thumb ladychick???? You slay me for real woman! That is awkward to watch though. Perhaps she should transition into tongue sucking. Its less obvious lol

Youre looking fly miss maam! Love that skirt :)

GFS said...

Wow! I need to let my 10yo read this so she can gain some inspiration to stop sucking her thumb.

Love the look as always....Fly!

GFS said...

I can see how that would be distracted (I would be distracted, too). Sucking thumbs is okay for youngsters but not so cute/cool for us adults.

GFS said...

girl. lookin fab as usual. love it.

GFS said...

lol at sucky dumb lady!

GFS said...

Yeah....it would be VERY distracting for me too!

Love your skirt.

Dangerous Curves

GFS said...

ummm...I am anti-thumb sucking...I don't like when children do it so why would it be acceptable for an adult to do it??

GFS said...

I am too... I just didnt wanna hurt any adult thumb sucker feelings. Smh

GFS said...

Uhmmm wow!! I have never seen that in church!! You look great though, I love the mix of the t-shirt with the beaded skirt!!

Carsedra of:



GFS said...

I notice you were your natural hair out alot...do you experience tangles or single strand knots? I'm natural...2yrs and this is something I deal with and it stresses me out! love your fashion side but would also like you to talk about your hair and how you care for it

GFS said...

Maybe she had a cut or puncture and was trying to keep it from bleeding? Dunno...just trying to come up with a reasonable explanation!

GFS said...

Damn, you are looking AWESOME!

GFS said...

Well I am all the way here with the thumb sucking slander! I would've been distracted too. I hope with all that flyness she went to the alter for prayer against that disgusting habit. My sister is an adult who sucks her thumb and I just CAN'T! You look very nice and the skirt is to FAB!

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