Small Victories

I was flipping through some old pics and realized that small victories are worth acknowledging/celebrating.

The "then" picture on the left was taken Easter Day 2012.
The "now" picture was taken just a few days ago, August 12, 2012.

I don't really have a goal weight or size...I'm more focused on fitting into old clothes! LOL
Have a great day! 

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GFS said...

Looking Good!

GFS said...

Congrats on the weight loss/getting healthier.

GFS said...

congrats reiko! you're looking good.

Ondreu said...

Keep moving on in your healthy journey. You look fabulous.

GFS said...

Looking good!! Keep it up.

GFS said...

You look great Reiko

GFS said...

Congrats, you look fabulous!

xo Jennifer

GFS said...

You look great!! I need to gather my pictures so I can see my progress!! I am like you I have no actual weight goal, I will know I have reached it when I can fit in my old clothes!!! LOL

Carsedra of:



GFS said...

Congrats! You look fab.

GFS said...

Lookin' good lady!! :)

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