Clutched and Covered IS HERE!!!

You know those clutch cover bags I've been rocking lately?
Well, you now can have your own!
It's really a brilliant idea!
If you are a long time GFS reader, you know that I love a good clutch!

It just so happens that I have amazingly talented friends.
Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely has officially launched Clutched and Covered!
Custom made clutch covers to slip over your existing clutch bags at home to give them new life!
Brilliant! Just Brilliant!

I was honored that Rocquelle asked me to model her creations with Ashley of  Medley, Inc., Public Relations Specialist extraordinaire! 
We had a blast and I am so proud of Rocquelle for stepping out on faith and starting her own business!

Here are a few of the pics from the two day photo shoot. 
There were tons of giggles, changing of clothes and maybe even a glass of wine or two.

That fab chic in the pic above is Rocquelle, the designer/boss/photographer/stylist/genius/model behind Clutched and Covered!

Please support Clutched and Covered! 
Tell your friends! There are tons of fabrics to choose from!

Pass the word along!
Pin it!
Blog it!
Facebook it!
Tweet it!
Instagram it!
Clutched and Covered will take orders now!

Rocquelle not only is the owner of Clutched and Covered, but she also is a graphic designer. 
She is responsible for the GFS site makeover a few months ago.
Talented woman, I told ya!


GFS said...

ahhh shoot! check you fly ladies out. I am so excited for my buddy Rocquelle!

GFS said...

Those are nice. Great concept.

GFS said...

Love those clutches!!! Heading over there now..I love a good clutch too!

GFS said...

Loving all the different designs, great stuff!


GFS said...

Love this idea and love Rocquelle!

GFS said...

good stuff! i love that orange and metallic one.

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