NYFW and the Cut!

New York Fashion Week....so many things!
Exhausting, fun, hot, epic!

(Old Navy Top, Zara skirt, Jessica Simpson Heels)

Chastity, Juanette and I made it a point to arrive atleast for Fashion Night Out events.
So much going on, so much goodness.
Whenever I go to the East Coast, I immediately feel like I am supposed to be there.
I feel like New York is more along my aesthetic. The
"eclectiness of it all."

We made it a point to hang out and roam around (with our flat shoes in our purses of course)!

The next morning was the day of the CUT!
What an adventure for us!
I actually saw Faintly Masculine's blog and right then and there, I booked an appointment at the Devachan Salon in SOHO since I was in town.

Off I went...nervous and excited!

 There's no turning back now!

After the cut...before the shampoo and style!

And here is the Haircut! I love it!

Later we met up with Alissa of Stylish Curves (I've been wanting to meet her for the longest time! I heart her!)
Drinks and the BEST grilled cheese sandwich I've EVER eaten on this earth at Stellan Bar and Lounge!
I still think about that sandwich!

(My hair was shrunken initially but the next days, it stretched a bit:)

This just covers Day 1 and 2...more pics to come of us!
So much...Chastity being interviewed by the Style Network, the shenannigans of Juanette and I trying to get around town...so much!

If you follow me on Instagram...then all of this is old news to ya! 


GFS said...

I love it! Looks like you had a great time. I'm hoping to be a part of this awesomeness next year. :)

GFS said...

U are the master at mixing prints!

GFS said...

It looks like a very fun time. I love your hair : )

GFS said...

OMG! Your haircut is too cute!!! Looks like you are having a ball in NYC!! Your outfits are very chic!!

with Love,

GFS said...

Loved all your looks .... So u did the chop grew it out and chopped it again lol super cute on u dear

GFS said...

Love the cut!

GFS said...

Okay, I told you in person I love the cut, but I'm saying it here so that it's here forever!! And I LOVE this outfit you are rocking when getting the cut!!! I forgot to mention that I was eye-ballin' that bag during brunch... thanks for posting pictures for me to lust after!! LOL

GFS said...

::screams:: you look gorgeous!

Chioma said...

Gorgeous cut! I'm trying to decide what to do with mine next week lol


GFS said...

Say one more thing about that grilled cheese sandwich or H&M LOLOLOLOL

GFS said...

I know I've already said that I love it but it totally reminds me of when the Huxtable girls went short. I thought they were so cool, especially Lisa Bonet. How cool that you got to be there for fashion week.

GFS said...

although I already hit you on the cellie...You look AMAZEBALLS :-) Period.

GFS said...

AWe some of my favs! You ladies are so fab! I seriously need to go next year!

GFS said...

Really your shoes are gods favorite shoes! It's look likes so cute.

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