My Maternity Photos

My sister and my friends threw me a great baby shower yesterday.
I'm not really into maternity photos and the rubbing of the naked belly so at the last minute I decided to do a few shots before the baby shower.

The hubby and I went to Barnes and Nobles book store literally 30 minutes before the baby shower and took a few shots in the children's book aisle.
I convinced Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely to bring her fancy camera along:)
Here are a few shots.

I thought it was funny to be in the kid's book aisle and the hubby had smut magazines.
We never take anything too seriously.

I don't have a lot of shower pics but I will round some up later this week:)


I will have better shots of the dress that I had made for the shower.
I had some African material sent to me last year and I just had a simple maxi dress made out of it:)


GFS said...

cute pics. congrats on your bundle. :)

GFS said...

you look beautiful! very nice looking couple. visiting from #blm

GFS said...

Uuuummmm....I don't know how I missed this post, but I LOVE you guys! I hope y'all like the pics!!

GFS said...

Thank you for taking the pics! Of course most of them were with Sean making funny faces!

GFS said...

Thank you!

GFS said...

You guys are the cutest. *bows down to whoever's idea it was to take pics in the book store.*

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