New Sponsor! Tendrils and Curls

God's Favorite Shoes is proud to welcome/spotlight Tendrils and Curls as a sponsor for the months of April and May!
Tendrils and Curls is a one stop shop for all things curly hair.
Houston has an advantage because this is the only store of its kind in town.
Everyone else will be lucky enough to shop online at the beginning of May 2013.

We all lurk online looking for the perfect hair product but always wonder how will they work.
That's the beauty of Tendril's and Curls. The store carries those products that usually can only be found online and there is always somewhere there in the shop to give you advice and point you in the right direction.
Here is a link to just some of the products Tendrils and Curls carry...but the list grows every day.
I really do shop here. Sometimes I even swing by just to say hi if I'm in the neighborhood.

 Paula: Owner of Tendrils and Curls
Photo credit: Douglas Sutton Photography

The real reason I love Tendrils and Curls is because of the beautiful owner above. You must read Paula's journey to making her dream a reality. She inspires me every time I talk to her.
And she is making big moves in the Houston area!

If you 're not in Houston, at least follow Tendrils and Curls on Facebook for great product information!

Welcome Tendrils and Curls!
*Tendrils and Curls is not a hair salon*


GFS said...

Yay for a new sponsor!! I have been meaning to check out Tendrils and Curls!

GFS said...

This sounds and looks like a really nice place, we need one here in the Atlanta metro area!!!

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