Run. Tell That!

Here are some Iphone shots from my trip to New Orleans earlier this month.
If you follow me on Instagram and FB, then these are nothing new.

I seriously should have been paid by Forever 21 and ASOS for this trip because everything from head to toe came from one of those places. 

A few years ago, you could not pay me to wear shorts.
I probably would even complain about my weight. (This is the heaviest I've ever been)
But considering I almost DIED last year after giving birth (due to Congestive Heart Failure), chile please! 
Legs. Ass. Thickness everywhere. 
Who gon' check me? 
I'm working on the weight (as well as another baby), but I'm not going to dress like I am depressed about it. 

By the way, thank you for all of you who have been reading my blog for years. 
You've witnessed me blog through graduate school, a wedding, a pregnancy and now mommyhood.
Thank you for riding with me! 

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