GFS Presents...

Dress from Urban Outfitters (Here)
Lace dress worn as Jacket: Forever 21
Heels: Aldo (here)
Clutch Cover: Clutched and Covered
7 More weeks to go!

Feeling a little Kim Kardashian-y in this look. 
Except my dress is not smushing the top of my baby's head. 
Just saying....

Also, If you're in Houston, I'm hosting a Networking Social. 
It's really small since this is my first time at it. 
I found that as I began to become involved with all things "entrepreneurship" that I didn't find a lot of  opportunities to mingle, network and learn from like minded women. 
And let's be honest, that's exactly how my business, God's Favorite Surprises was born. 

So, I have space for about 13 more people to attend. 
If you have a business or you are on the verge of starting a business, this could be the perfect event to hang out, nibble on bites, share and hear stories to encourage you. 
Which is the whole point really. 

If you are interested, please go to this Facebook Post and leave your email address. 
I will then send you an exclusive Eventbrite invitation to confirm your space. 
It should be fun!! 

P.S. Thank you all for the kind words of support about me launching my business! 
Be sure to check out the site and order something! 
Someone will love to receive your gift of kindness! 

Also, a special shout out to my Career Coach Lisa Lucario! 
When I had the itch to change careers, she literally was the first person I contacted and said, "I need to be a paying client. I need accountability." 
I still meet with her twice a month. It helps me stay focused and keeps me on task. 
You can find her here...and she does sessions via Facetime/Skype. 
It's worth it! 

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