The baby is here!
 Okay, not that baby, I still have 7 more weeks to go! 
But my other baby! 
My new business! 
I'm an entrepreneur officially today! 

( www.godsfavoritesurprises.com ) 

I've been working on this probably more than I have been focusing on the baby in my belly but I believe it is so worth it! 

God's Favorite Surprises is a personal concierge business/service where I serve as YOUR CONCIERGE OF KINDNESS! 

Everyone is busy these days and that often gets in the way of saying simple things like "Thank You or You Inspire Me" to the most deserving people in our lives. After a few chance encounters with me performing those simple random acts of kindness, a business was born! 

I'm excited beyond words to finally share with you. Mainly because it's something that I believe is needed. We have enough bad news bombarding us every single day, why not be a part of someone's good news!?!?

Click here to find out everything you need to know. And don't forget to share with your friends or better yet, Order something from me! This is truly a labor of love. 

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Here are a few quotes that have been my motivation throughout this process...

"I want to look back on this exact date a year from now and say, I am so glad I bet on myself!" (That's totally my own quote!)

"Create the things you wish existed" 

"Don't let someone who has done NOTHING tell you how to do ANYTHING!" 
Ummm hmmm! Preach! 

(P.S. I will still blog here but I also have a business blog that you can keep up with...
Here is the first business blog post....  click here
Wish me luck! A sister's got babies and bills!!! 
Be a part of the movement! 

Let me know what you think! 

Special creative shout out thanks to Dana of Pardon My Fro and Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely for rocking with me from beginning to end! 

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