This weekend I hosted the GF Surprises Presents "Inspire Me" Brunch.
I wanted to simply gather like minded women who are established entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. I wanted to back out several times but I am a big believer in doing what I say I am going to do. Nothing irks my soul more than a person who doesn't follow through.
I'm so glad I followed through. It was exactly what I wanted. A room of women sharing stories on how they plan to or how they started their businesses. I am at that exact cross path between mommyhood and transitioning careers so being surrounded by people who have already done it is exactly what my spirit needed.
Now that the brunch has been checked off my to do list, I'm officially sitting down until the baby is born. I have a few more weeks to go so now I'm just going to focus on GF Surprises and nesting.

Dress from ASOS (Here)
P.S. Get used to Zara in my pics, she is my shadow. LOL

To see more pics from my networking brunch, check GF Surprises Instagram here
Thank you to everyone who came to share and to those who texted me their support.
I am considering doing a follow up social in December. I'm not sure yet.

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