The Calm Before The Storm


This will likely be the last post I do for a few weeks.
I will be actually delivering a few weeks early (which is finnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee by me!)
I'm sure I'll be able to catch you guys up on Instagram and Facebook so make sure you follow me there! (There are also outfits on Instagram that never make it to the blog)
Wish me luck!
I am so ready to be un-pregnant!

Tank Dress worn as Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
As far as the outfit, I have to shout out Chastity of Garner Style because it is from her limited capsule collection with Rebdolls! When a buddy launches a collection, you find something to buy!
Everything sold out so fast that I was only able to grab this skirt. I hope they restock soon!
I intended to save this for post-pregnancy but I was too impatient...plus it has an ecstatic waist!
The material is fabulous, the color is vibrant and it has pockets!
It will most certainly be in rotation!
Congratulations Chastity on a job well done!

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