He's Here!

This may come as late news to most of you if you follow me on social media but I still want to announce that the baby is here!

Zavier Sean was born healthy at 7 lbs, 2 ounces and growing every single day. He certainly is demanding and making his presence known in the house. He is a little over 3 weeks old now. Zara is a little slow on the "welcome the baby" train but she is getting there.
I only have a few minutes before he wakes up from one of his fake naps but I wanted to let you take a peek at Zavier Sean.
Also, as I continue to grow in my purpose and grow my business, God's Favorite Surprises, I will be taking you along as I grow as an entrepreneur. Right now, I'm focused on defining multiple streams of income. Gotta get my COIN game up!
Don't forget to order something nice for someone! Is it just me or does watching the news lately make you feel like the dark ages are upon us!?!? People are losing their minds for no reason. That's one of the reasons I started God's Favorite Surprises, to make a positive dent in the world!
See you soon!

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