An Ode To My Favorites

 Hey! Did you give up on me, yet!?!?
I'm still around.
Still being a mama.
Still being an entrepreneur.
Still being a creative. 
Still here!

I joined the land of the living this weekend and went to a few events. When I got in the car, I was looking at the jean jacket that I am wearing in the first pic.
I straight up had a whole conversation with myself about how much I love this jacket!
I've had it for about 10 years.
Nothing special about it.
It's from the Gap.
But I love it!
It's perfectly broken in.
I've literally worn holes into each of the elbows (which I love).
There is a huge rip in the back of the collar.
But I'm obsessed with it still.
Like if I had to save ONE piece of clothing from a burning house, this jacket would get rescued.

Then I focused on this dress.
Then the necklace.
Then the combat boots.
And the bag that I've had for about 4 years now.
And I realized that my wardrobe is starting to become one that I've been wanting.
Where things are simple but speak to me when I wear them.
I'm very picky about the clothes I buy now.
They have to speak to me.
Because I just don't have the energy or space for things that don't inspire me. 
(That goes for people too)
This is getting way too deep of a post about a jean jacket and my favorite dress and favorite boots and favorite purse and favorite necklace, huh?!?

Boots from Ross (last year)
Bag from Zara (super old)
Necklace here (got it last year though)
Jacket from The Gap (at least ten years old)
I have worn this dress running  daytine errands and for date nights. Same dress, different ways.

How are you guys doing!?! I've missed you!
I'm still working to grow God's Favorite Surprises every day.
So hop on over there and spread kindness.
And if that's not enough of Reiko on these internets,
I've started another blog.
I fought so hard to not turn GFS into a mommy blog but it's such a huge part of my life now.
So I partnered with my friend and we created Invisible Crowns.
( @invisiblecrownsblog on Instagram here )
We noticed that there are so many mommy blogs that get so much attention but they all look alike. And none of them look like me.
None of them live like me.
Nobody ever really talks about deciding to start a family after the age of 35 and celebrating that.
So, we decided to create that space for ourselves!
Check us out!

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