No Sugar, No Cream...

Random tank top (to cover the "I had a baby three months ago belly"...keeping it real)
Super old Target skirt
Boots from Steve Madden (2 years ago but they still have similar ones here)
Bag from H&M ( 2 years ago)

The moral of this post could be "wear what's already in your closet because you really need to spend your money on things like shelves from Ikea for the baby's room."

And Thank you so much AGAIN for supporting me as I try new things like Invisible Crowns and God's Favorite Surprises! I can't thank you enough. And more often than not, your kind words of confidence come on days when I'm not that confident! So thank you! 

And because I'm so corny....Enjoy this! 
(P.S., I don't even drink coffee lol! ) 

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