Can't Keep This Girl Down!

What is happening!
So much has had happened since the last time I posted (*cough* in November 2015)
Let's just get started, shall we!
Shirt from Thug Life Shirts
Skirt from ASOS here
Shoes from Nine West
Scarf from Target
Clutch gifted by this chick from Zara
I am at home with the 8 month old.
He. Is. So. Yummy!
He is starting to scoot around and he certainly has an opinion about what he wants to eat everyday.
He has perfected the art of gagging on his food to let you know that he doesn't want to swallow it.
It works every time too.
I just scrape the food he hates off his tongue and go find something else.
Who am I?!?
When did he become the boss of me!?!

I have purged my closet twice.
And guess what.
I seriously don't miss a thing.
I am SUPER particular about what I buy now.
The quest to own only the things you love is an going journey.

In the last 6 months, I have truly experienced people at their worst. I mean at their ABSOLUTE ugliest.
And believe it or not, it's been family that has been doing the DAMN fool lately.
I have witnessed EXTREME selfishness but on the other hand, I have been on the receiving end of amazing acts of SELFLESSNESS.
One act is that my in- laws are literally flying into Houston from Atlanta this summer JUST TO BABYSIT my kids while hubby and I take a trip!
Can you say AMAZING!?!
Who does that!?!?
An awesome mother in law, father in law and sissy n law, that's who!
I love that my children have so many grandmothers and grandpas, aunties and uncles that want to be in their life. It's an absolute blessing.
I do not take it lightly.
The hubby and I finally found a church we love near our new neighborhood and it's been cleansing to have a church home.
We both have been listening to God as he reveals to us how you can be surrounded by toxic people or in toxic situations and not even know it.
It's amazing the older you get how things that's been in front of you all of this time and could have been holding you back are revealed.
Hashtag Growth!
Here are some updates:
Next Sunday, April 24th, I will be a guest speaker at the 'You Are Beautiful" Symposium in Houston! I will specifically speak about Dressing Your Body At Any Size! Can we say AMEN!
I can't thank Kendra of Kendra's Beauty Corner enough! I'm so nervous yet so excited!
Here is the link for more info!
My "Concierge of Kindness" business, God's Favorite Surprises, will also be a vendor at the "You Are Beautiful" Symposium!
We will have limited edition cards and mugs that you can buy for yourself or buy for someone else and we will surprise them with it!
And look at who might be working my booth! (Not really but if it makes you go to www.godsfavoritesurprises.com and place an order, maybe I will make it happen!)
I also am still blogging over at Invisible Crowns (Click here) and loving it! It's the perfect space where I get to share my musings about being a mom with my buddy Nicky.
Today we were actually interviewed for Feature Friday here!
Check it out!
And just because they are so cute, here is a shot of my kiddos at our first family photo shoot together.
Can't wait to get the pics from Pinwheel Portrait!
(Yep, that's her real hair. She will be 3 in a few weeks! Wow!)
What have you guys have been doing since the last time we connected!?
Did you get married?
Get pregnant?
Quit a job?
Got a new job?
Kicked out a boyfriend?
Finally told somebody that they are selfish, judgmental and manipulative?
Got a new car?
Bought a cute skirt?
TELL ME in the comments! I'm NOSEY!
P.S., You can always look for me on social media, mainly Instagram.
@godsfavoritesurprises (My concierge business)

(These are all IPhone pics. I need to get my life in order)

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