A Treat for That MomFriend In Your Life!

Mother's Day is in just a few days!

God's Favorite Surprises has the perfect personalized cards and mugs for the favorite mom in your life.
Did you know my line of cards and mugs were exclusively designed by Pardon My Fro!?!
They will only be available for limited time! 

Photos by Pinwheel Portrait
Styled by me!
Look at my mini-me!

Remember, God's Favorite Surprises is not a card company. We are a concierge service. Your Concierge of Kindness to be specific. 

We hand write cards on your behalf to encourage someone, to say thank you or to stay connected. The catch is that we ALSO ship the card to the person for you! One less thing you have to worry about forgetting! 

Thanks for the support in advance! 
And here is a gift! Use code MOMFRIEND2016 to get 20 % off services and products until May 14!

Next week, I will have a style post! I've been feeling inspired and stylish and I have a lot to say these days! 

Oh! And while you are at it, click this link to hear my podcast interview with Womaneur Crush Wednesday where I talk about the spirit behind my brand! 
If you have Itunes, click here and click on the podcast released on 4/19/2016. 

This all ain't for nothing honey! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! and tell me what you think! 

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