Mother's Day...The Aftermath

How was everyone's Mother's Day!?!? 
My Mother's Day was great! 
I actually spent the day recuperating from the night before at Queen Bey's concert. 
Can I just say that LIFE WAS GIVEN! 
I'm a part of the Beyhive but only a general member.
I'm not one of her Worker Bees.
They do way too much! 
Dress by Aakasha on Etsy
Shoes: Aldo (got them last year)
Necklace: Frugalfinds NYC

I promised you a style post didn't I!?! 
Well here it is! 
You have been reading about me trying to build a wardrobe I love and this one certainly makes the cut! 
I tend to use this as my "work dress." 
I wear it to meetings on the behalf of my business or networking events. 
I just switch up the hair and accessories. 
It's black, It's stretchy. It's chic. 
Done and done. 

Thank you to all who ordered from God's Favorite Surprises this weekend! 
It's after Mother's Day but you still can still use MOMFRIEND2016 as a code to get 20% off products and services until May 14. 
Remember, it's for you to buy someone else in your life who is dope! 
Don't be selfish! Share the love! 

(I'm holding one of our limited edition "You Are So Dope" mugs in the shots above! This one is selling out! EEK! )

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