Stepping Into My Season

Someone asked me the other day if I missed teaching.
Not a whole lot.
I don't miss the stress. The anxiety attacks. The not feeling like I am not getting support from parents and administrators.
But that doesn't mean I'm not a teacher at heart.
When you pull back all the layers, I'm still a teacher.
A few recent experiences have helped me see that it's just a part of my nature.

I have been going to different schools lately for Career Day on the behalf of my business, God's Favorite Surprises.
I have been conducting Thank You Card etiquette classes.
Because when was the last time you got a thank you card from a kid?

I'm so H-town. You can find me throwing the H sign in almost every selfie on my phone. LOL! #sophistiratchet
 Each time, I go for  Career Day, I think that I'm just going to speak about being an entrepreneur and about the importance of college.
But it never goes down like that.
I seem to always go into "teacher mode."
After 10 minutes of standing in front of kids from kindergarten to 8th grade, they have to actually do something with their hands. (In teacher speak, that means "manipulatives")
That's when the teacher comes out. 
I have to get my teacher voice on to facilitate a Thank You card writing lesson and become a major multi-tasker.
And guess what...I DO miss that.
I miss that part.
Facilitating actual learning.
And maybe I enjoy it a whole lot more because I'm in the classroom on my own terms.
Teaching about something that I am passionate.
Because again, when was the last time you got a handwritten note from a kid saying thank you.
Heck, even from an adult?

I think this season of my life is all about perspective.
I could scoff at my past profession and run from it like the plague.
Or I can embrace what I loved about it and make it a part of my new life.
It makes my life feel a lot more cohesive if I take that approach.

And this way of thinking, is what you call GROWTH.
Give it up for your girl!  
(P.S. I almost hate to give a disclaimer. I almost didn't post these pics because of that gut. Black doesn't hide everything. But I bet you know someone who didn't wake up this morning. Yeah. So, I'm good. I was tripping with myself for a hot second.)
Hat: Forever 21
Jeans: ASOS here
Body Suit: ASOS here
Shoes: Zara (I picked them up in the store, I don't see them online.)
Bag: Gifted by Juanette from Zara (It's literally my favorite bag, I want to buy a back up) here
Photography: Lacoste Photography

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