Simple Girl

I find joy in the simplest things lately.
Little stuff.
Things most people overlook.
For example, I began this random habit of drinking hot water, honey and lemon every morning and night.
Not for a detox.
Just because I love it.
It literally brings a smile to my face when I can sit down and enjoy a hot cup of water, honey and lemon.

My daughter and I went to Walmart the other day. While she was in the basket, she randomly told me she needed a hug.
I stopped what I was doing just to give her a hug in the middle of the aisle.
Those are the things that bring me joy.
I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with being a mom or getting older wiser.
But the simplest things bring me joy. 

 Not an Apple Watch.
Not the latest shoe.
Not having the dopest car.
Simple things.
No fuss.
That goes for my style lately too.
I love a layered outfit.
But I adore when I can throw on a few pieces in its simplest form and feel like it speaks to the zen up in this ratchet soul of mine.

Denim Dress: Zara (here)
Bag: Zara (here)
Shoes: Zara (don't see them online but I got them in the store about a month ago)
Glasses: Vintage
Necklace: FrugalFinds NYC
Hat: Forever 21

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