Thanks JC Penney!

As you know, this weekend I went to The Curvy Con to mingle with bloggers and to be a vendor for God's Favorite Surprises. 
JC Penney proudly sponsored The Curvy Con all while launching their new line, JC Penney Boutique. 
The Boutique focuses on the plus size figure assuring that women feel confident, sexy and trendy while still being affordable. 

During the Curvy Con, JCPenney launched a powerful body positive message with some of the nation's leading voices in the plus size community. Specifically, this year's Project Runner winner Ashley Nell Tipton. 

In a culture where body shaming has become the norm, this video embodies the notion that all bodies are beautiful and capable and enough. 

Here is the #hereiam campaign, created to empower us all!
I was completely moved by the powerful message,  especially as a mother of a little girl who will face a world that will constantly tell her she is not enough

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