Taking my own Oath of Office

In these dismal economic times, shopping for pleasure has landed in the frivulous department when prioritizing life.

With that said, I must take the pledge President Obama extended to us all and become more personally responsible...he said something like that or close to it:)

At any rate, I am taking that pledge personally and admit that I need to get some things straight financially. So, to fulfill my desire to look at beautiful clothes, I decided to look no further than my own closet.

If you get the urge to buy something that you have no business buying, follow my lead and shop in your own closet. You will be amazed what fabulous things you may have pushed to the dark corners of your closet. This is especially true with shoes, because if you are like me...you keep your shoes in a hermetically sealed room with temperatures not exceeding 76 degrees.

Okay, that's pushing it...but I do go to Big Lots and buy clear shoe containers for most of my shoes. The problem is I keep my shoes on the top shelf of my closet to make room for nonsense on the floor. Above eye-level shelving makes it easy to forget what great shoes you may have found on sale.

I am dragging this out, aren't I? The point is I just rediscovered some fabulous shoes in my closet and decided to share. Most come from Marshall's because I am a believer in their shoe department. I am a living witness that they have the same shoes that are in department stores for alot less.

So enjoy my shoe eye candy. This is not by far even a fraction of my shoe collection but these are my favorites at this very moment. Notice, the same shoe in different colors. I am trying to kick that habit:) Consider it kicked!

I also included pics of a few finds I stumbled upon at the H&M in Philly...gosh I love H & M! Come to Texas please!

If you feel so inclined...go shopping in your own closet! What great treasures are lurking under your bed or in a downstairs closet?!?...better yet, go shopping in your friend's closet! See what they have, that they are willing to part with:)

P.S....Don't hate on the blue suede fringe shoes by Calvin Klein...I can't count the number of ways I would rock those babies! My yellow dress, or maybe a blazer and sknny jeans or a purple skirt and wife beater and blazer! OH the possiblities!


Married To It said...

This don't make a lick of sense..

Sean Kyle said...

Didn't I pay for some of those shoes? Shouldn't I get some sort of credit? All of the financial burden didn't fall on you. Man, you have a closet full of shoes and I have about 3 pair. Help a brotha out!

Karla said...

Oooh, Reiko...you are an addict.

We have 3 H&M's within a 20 mile radius and each one carries different stock. Now, talk about temptation! Lucky for me, I was pregnant for the simultaneous grand openings and haven't really been able to do serious damage (yet)

Reiko! said...

@Married To It: I said I was kicking the habit! Give me props please.

@Sean Kyle: Yes may have contributed to a shoe fund or three but it was all to benefit you. You don't want me to walk around with busted shoes on my feet...what would your friends think?

@Karla: H&M is literally a priority stop whenever I am on the East Coast...they have it in Atlanta now...and yes I hit it up. That store just makes me happy on so many levels. God knows what he is doing. He knew not to put one in Texas:(

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for the girl..she is growing up yea

Raven said...

Oh just make me feel bad for going to Macy's and getting that Calvin Klein dress why don't you!!! I seriously loved it and that is the only reason I got it. I promise I will go shopping in my closet next time.
**Also you are so right...our men should be happy that we care how we look. If we walked around in hulled out shoes or ill fitted clothing...they would look bad...so they should thank us for our attention to things like this. At least that is what I tell hubby. Love the shoes Doll!!!

Diva Style said...

Oh Reiko, thank you for all your wonderful blog love! I was just perusing some old entries, and saw that you have been giving me quite a few compliments! Thanks so much for your support!

Diva Style said...
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Diva Style said...

Oh...and by the way, you are a girl after my own heart...gotta love a fabulous pair of stilettos!

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