Let Thy Will Be Good!

Let thy will be good...forget it...all Hail to Goodwill!
Occassionally I am a "thrifter" but usually I have to be in that specific mood or have a specific treasure I am trying to find.

Well, I stumbled into the almighty Good Will Thrift store this weekend and straight up lost my mind! I found so many fabulous treasures that I literally had to convince myself to walk out of the door and not look for another thing.

I actually went out of boredom and came out with great finds. First of all, there is something to be said about a Goodwill that is neatly organized and doesn't smell like old people's feet. If I walk into a store and it smells like refried vomit, chances are I will get right back in my car and go straight home to take a shower. But this Goodwill was better than any Marshall's or TJ Maxx anyday.
First of all, how long have I been wanting a Kimono Robe. Like forever! Remember this post? Guess what! I found one! For $6.99! And it is beautiful. I literally squealed and held it close to me as if it were going to run away! And it was reversible! What what what!!!!

Then since I was back in the "robe" section, I found a cute little floral nightie that I am so going to rock as a Kimono Top. I wish you can really see the sleeves...they narrow around the wrist rather than flare. $4.99!
Then it just snowballed from there. I found this cute little dress made by Neiman Marcus for 9.99! You know I am the queen of alterations so I am going to shorten this and all of the dresses I thrifted! I would so pick the dress out if I was in a high end boutique so imagine how I felt when I saw the price! I am going to just shorten the dress to above the knee because that's just what I do! Throw on a wide belt and BAM! Oh yeah...it's 100% SILK!
Then I ran across this Mexican dress. When I was little, my mother used to buy me these dresses and I wore them with Jellie Sandals...I bought it for 6.99 and it might be my favorite summer dress. The idea was to throw a belt over it but it was just so comfortable, I decided to rock it as is. (sandals by Steve Madden...aren't they fabulous, they are very "Bollywood")I ran across a Nurse's Uniform. YES. YOU READ THAT RIGHT. On the tag, it literally says "Hospital Nurse Uniform by Vanderbilt Co." That would be Gloria Vanderbilt. It was so Vintage, I couldn't pass it up. Since it is stark white, I can only wear it a few times before the summer is up...but I am straight up jazzing that baby up with a short hem and a big purse and belt and dare anybody to ask me if I am rocking a Nurse's outfit. YES I AM! 6.99!

(I know the belt is crooked but my photographer was tripping so I had to keep the picture as is:)

Then the ultimate JACKPOT! JUST LOOK AT THIS BAD AZZ Purse! It's a KOOBA purse...not that I know what that means but it had to mean something for the purse to be 40 bucks. I just grabbed it because of the soft leather and the color.
Of course I had to do a little research on the purse because I suffer from a rare strain of OCD called "I gotta know everything". I googled KOOBA handbags and my my my, I must say this GOODWILL did me justice! Kooba brands can range anywhere from 100 bucks to $700...yeah...Mine was $40!
I can't write enough about it. THIS IS A GOODWILL PURSE!! I can't tell you how many times I have stroked it since I got it! The condition of the leather is impeccable and the gold details are perfect. Trust that I am going to wear this baby out!
Can you believe it? GOODWILL. I think when one shops there, one must have an eye for the potential in what could be considered strange choices. My alterations Lady will be happy to see me walk through the door with these babies. I plan on Nipping and Tucking all the dresses to make them more my style but I couldn't be happier. I will post the "AFTER" pictures once I make the alterations to each dress:)

This is what shopping within your means is all about. Find some vintage items and make them your own.

By the way, I am slipping! My blog made it's first Birthday on July 2nd and today is July 27th and I just realized it! I'm a bad mommy:(
So Happy Blirthday (get it? Blog + Birthday) to God's Favorite Shoes!

***please excuse all lame poses and wild hair moments...my photographers (fiance' and nephews) were being temperamental and impatient so I had to work in a fury before they staged a walk out***

Speaking of my darling Nephews. As I was taking pictures, one of them asked why was I doing this? Here is a taste of that conversation...

Nephew: Why are you doing this? Just taking pictures of yourself in somebody's old clothes?
Me: I have a blog about clothes...
Nephew: You take pictures of clothes of dead people's clothes?
Me: No, It's kind of like a fashion blog. I give people ideas and I tell people what I think is cute.
Me: ____________Flat line_____________________________

Photo session ended. LOL. He is such a brat!


Alluring Interiors said...

All too fabulous!

Karla said...

You hit the mother lode!!!! And your hair is sick!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

THank you!

chantal1922 said...

Wow you found some great stuff!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

What?? No way! Those are such amazing finds. I love that Neiman Marcus dress! And that purse, of course. Man, I miss Goodwill (there are none in Hong Kong)

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

So you know I'm really going to call you nurse jackie...right????

You've out done yourself this time. Brava! Gret finds!!!!

OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...when I hit my weight loss goal it is so on. I am totally hitting up that Goodwill. The one by my job sucks but I did find a lot of nice scarves for my hair. Fancy ones too.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I really did find great stuff! The thing is once you do a clean sweep like that...you keep going back hoping something just as fabulous be there...not so lucky...I guess I gotta let new stuff get on the shelves! lol

@mocahtrina: Nurse Jackie...LOL!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What incredible finds! They smoke what's usually at my local thrift stores soooo out of the water. That robe looks brand new and so luxurious, I really like it! The green purse is stellar too, I think there needs to more green bags like that in the world, they're so fresh and pretty.

Awesome Good Will Hunting! (Sorry couldn't resist :D)

Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!
♥ Jessica

Mads said...

Love your hot pink dress!=) thanks for visiting my blog, BTW..

09 10