Totally Inappropriate...I Know.

So this is totally inappropriate. Here I am watching the Michael Jackson Memorial...which was BEAUTIFUL by the way.

I'm soaking it all in and then I see it...LaToya Jackson's hat! WHAT! Just perfection. Then I catch a glimpse of Janet's "mourning" ensemble...WHAT!

Everyone knows that I am a fan of Janet...remember this post? Right...so you know.

But that dress, that beret, those gloves, that clutch...if you are going to mourn in front of the world...That's how you do it. I would wear that to go check the mail!

Like I said, I am totally wrong for focusing on such a frivolous issue but it could not be helped. Those sleeves on that dress and the gloves made it real to me. So what if it's summer time...wear leather gloves Janet...you are a Jackson...there are no rules. Look at the back of Janet's dress below...what what what! Rebbie's hat was on point too.

I admit. I am wrong for this. But it had to be acknowledge. Now let me get back to Lionel Richie singing the ultimate church song...JESUS IS LOVE...!!!

Tell em Lionel!

Oh...I am going to officially bring back wearing short gloves when I go to church. First church, then I am just going to start having lunch dates and show up with short gloves and berets with my ensembles. LOL. Janet has inspired me! Just watch and see! You dare me? Don't dare me!

.....totally inappropriate....I know. RIP MJ...but your sisters distracted me!


Multiple personalities.. said...

Ha ha! Believe me, I'm sure you weren't the only one thinking this! I LoVE Janet as well, so it was surprising to see the huge difference in their outfit styles. It was nice to meet you via SITS!

Anonymous said...

Yes, girl it had to be said! And you said it well.

Anonymous said...

During the winter months I walked around in matinee length gloves and a cape. I left my tiara at home and wore a beret.

Guess who?

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Multiple Personalities...hi SitsTA! Janet was on it!

@Tonya...Thank you. I thought so too!

@Anonymous...AKA RAVEN...AKA BARBIE...I see you!

MochaTrina said...

I still haven't watched the memorial yet. I will rock a beret in the winter time. Don't think I won't.

Karla said...

Ha! We were on the same wavelength. I was like:

*perks up* Damn, Janet is doing da damn thang!
*perks up* OK, LaToya and Rebie! I see you!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Karla! I wasn't the only! See! I was emotional and perking up too! lol...I mean...cry cry:)

Shoshoni said...

Yes! Janets entire look was FIYAH!!!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Just visiting from SITS! Hope you have a great weekend!

Raven said...

You are sooo smart!!!!

Alluring Interiors said...

She did her thang! No doubt!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thanks for all the comments...Janet is the bomb!

ccshopaholic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Totally agree with you on this post! Miss Janet, so FIERCE! I'm giving the gloves some thought, too. ;)

My @ tha Hotness said...

I must agree the Jackson women were doing it. LaToya was killing it with her ensemble.

Abena said...

Oh you were not alone, my cousin and I peeped her ensemble. Janet was on point.

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