Meet Sanaa!

Thanks to Love Maegan's blog, I found a new website. Looklet.com allows you to basically play dress up without ever leaving your bed!

So, since I am poor and have no business shopping, this is the next best thing. So from time to time, I will post a few of my creations. This is very in tune with being a professional stylist, which I would love to do if someone was totally not affected by the economy and could afford to pay someone like me to shop for them and have complete control over their look....wishful thinking, I know!

At any rate, here is my first attempt at Playing Dress up. Of course I chose a beautiful model to represent for me.

This first look is totally me! First of all, wasn't I just saying that I wanted a 70's caftan in this post? Yes I did. I even included a clip of Diana Ross cussing out Billy Dee Williams in a caftan. I just said it, remember?

Well, MY model...Sanaa (I totally gave her that name) is rocking the ultimate Caftan by none other than DVF...that's Diane Von Furstenberg. You know her, she is the one that introduced the WRAP dress in the 70's and has been on my wishlist for about 10 years now.

I love her. Even my fiance' could answer the following trivia question. "What designer's dress would your "intended" slice a throat for?" He would know to answer "A Diane Von Furstenberg" Dress. Trust me, he knows it.

At any rate, Sanaa...my imaginary personal muse/model/only black model I could choose on Looklet.com is wearing a Caftan by Diane Von Furstenberg! It's totally Diana Ross in Mahogany which is totally me:)

I got to add everything, the shoes, jewelry, clutch. Doesn't she look fly? If I owned this outfit, I would totally wear it to my bridal shower or engagmeent party or a night out in Morocco, heck even Baskin Robbins or even church...well, a church that was held in a club. lol (No Judgement here:)

So, I present to you my very first Looklet piece, I present to you Sanaa on her way to a dinner party. I would probably wear a little tank under if it were on my body because I don't want any trouble on the streets, but Sanaa lives in a perfect world! lol

This is so fun and total waste of downtime, but fun nonetheless.

What do you think of Sanaa? She'll be back, so get to know her. She is my new best friend:)

(this dress is totally appropriate to get for a birthday gift for those of us born in September...just saying)

*Update...it's two hours later and I am still playing dress up. Here is Sanaa meeting her friends for brunch...on the wrong side of town!! Love the necklace!


Alluring Interiors said...

I love this program...a bit like polyvore...I'm gonna go check it out...Sanaa is hot!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@Alluring Interiors...yes it is like Polyvore. I'll tell Sanaa that you LIKEY! LOL!

carma said...

You would look absolutely fly in that caftan. I do hope you get it for your birthday.

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

greedygrace said...


I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

Joy said...

Very stylish choices...looks like the kind of place you could definitely lose track of time on! {Like Polyvor!}

Welcome to the SITS community!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Oh, what a fun site to be able to mess around on. Thanks for sharing your "beautiful ensemble!" Over from SITS to welcome you to the gang. You'll love it! Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I love it - it's like grown up paper dolls.

Welcome to SITS!

MochaTrina said...

Sanna is ready for the world! Do you know where your going to...

Martha said...

Sanaa is Hot, love the glasses, the necklace, the shoes, everything is going on w/both looks including the DVF.
Visiting from SITs.

Aubrey said...

Oooh! What a fun site!

Coming by from SITS. Welcome aboard!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I guess I'm not there yet. All I thought of was Mrs. Roper...maybe because it doesn't go with my tiara...Now...off to this dress up site

Lora said...

Ohhhh dear. I sense some serious time spent with this website in the future!

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sanaa is looking very stylish. I definitely going to have to check this site out. If I get hooked, it's all your fault!

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