Challenge Week 1!

Technically, this is week 2 of my "Don't Repeat any Item of Clothing to Work for a Month" Challenge but I will count this as week 1 since I don't have pics from last week.

Not one item repeated!(except jewelry). Not even my shoes! I also noticed that I have no jewelry...I need somebody to get me a gift certificate to Forever 21 so I can upgrade my jewelry. My birthday is in 10 days, that would be a great gift from my sister or my dear sister friends (hint, hint:)

The last picture is what I wore on Friday.
Jacket: H & M ( I remember buying a dress on clearance and I got a second item free) I got this in Atlanta last year and never wore it...hmmph.
White Tank Top: Target (I have tons of these white tanks, they fit great)
Skirt: Express (had to be atleast 6 years ago because I don't even shop in Express anymore)
Shoes: Nine West Snakeskin Platforms via Ross last year.
Tiffany's Necklace: Gifted
Earrings: Charming Charlies...I am pretty sure they were 5o cents
Bag/Braided Belt: Goodwill

I wore the belt over my blazer to give me more of a shape. I wish I could get into the boyfriend jacket look that's hot right now but I need to accentuate my positives!

By the way, I know I have succeeded with my wardrobe when I see fellow teachers or even administrators secretly eyeballing me as I walk down the hall. Checkmate! There is this one teacher in my school who shall remain nameless who wears apples and school buses on her sweaters and she rocks those godforsaken crocs.

Everyday she gives me the *side eye* and every day I put an extra dip in my hip when I pass her room. Ha! Don't play with me woman! She's gonna have me up in there wearing six inch stilettos just to piss her off if she keeps it up.

I am so glad this week is over...this week SUCKED personally. It sucks sometimes to work with the public even on your days when you feel like crap! I wish I had a cubicle to hide behind:(

"You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have....THE FACTS OF LIFE!" lol

I had to include this picture. As I was posing, one of my students did one of the most disgusting things. A kid from the previous class left his Gatorade bottle on the floor. It was clearly opened and half empty. A kid in the next class found the bottle and asked if he could have it. It was clearly OPENED! I told him to throw it away...the next thing I know, the freak was licking the rim of the bottle! This is the face I made when I saw him licking the bottle....ewwww! Freshmen!

I'm opening up the floor for any questions you may have about me or my blog?Some people are curious about what size I wear or what is my favorite item in my closet. Ask away. Leave a question in the comment section or email me at godsfavoriteshoes@yahoo.com and I will put together a questions post:)

Happy Labor Day weekend...Rock your whites till you die!

*Update: Here is what I wore to church today. I got this 100% Silk Wrap dress from none other than GOODWILL! It fits me perfectly. No alterations needed:)


Dress: Goodwill

Suede Purse: Banana Republic (5 years ago?)

Shoes: Nine West (The ankle straps are braided. Love these. I am really into nude colored shoes...they make you look taller)

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