Keeping My Promise

I promised you that I would post pics as I continue my "no repeat any clothes to work for a month" challenge. Since it's humpday, here are the outfits that made it thus far.

Again, my personal challenge is not to repeat any item of clothing for a month. Simply because I only reach to the first items of my closet and rotate the same clothes.

Top: H&M (from trip to Philly earlier this year)
Purple Belt: Goodwill
Cardigan: Calvin Klein via Marshall's via THE CLEARANCE SECTION
Cotton Pencil Skirt: Target (last year)
Shoes: 9 west (striped/fabric pumps)
Tiffany's Necklace: Gifted

Tuesday and Wednesday...

Top-(thrifted) I got a little creative. That is actually a dress I got from a vintage shop last year. I usually wear it as a dress.
Belt- Charming Charlies (5 bucks; last year)
Pants- Gap, Wide legged cotton/linen blend (2 years ago)
Cardigan-Target (last Christmas)
Shoes- Steve Madden Bollywood Sandals (that's the name I gave them)


Dress: H & M- I got during my visit to Philly in January (I actually had it shortened)

Jacket: Gap (stretched denim) 3 years ago

Shoes: THOSE INFAMOUS SHOES ( I had to try them; but they still ate me feet alive so I brought changing shoes

Bag: Goodwill 4 bucks!The above outfit is what I am wearing Thursday. It's actually a suit I thrifted for 6 bucks. 100% Silk. I fell in love with the skirt. The jacket with the skirt is a bit much. I kind of felt like a deaconess! I thought I was bold enough to rock the suit with a modern twist but I just couldn't. All I was missing was my tambourine and some holy oil. I liked it but I just couldn't. So I broke the suit up and I must say that I got quite creative and liked the result.


Suit: Thrifted for 6 buck

Belt: Goodwill

Top/Jacket: Anthropologie (earlier this year) ( I saw it on sale last week for 24 bucks, darnit!)

Ruffled Top: Target ( wearing two tops was totally not planned but it works for me)

Shoes: although you can't see them but they are purple pumps from last year
You like? I told you that I am trying to be a great example for this challenge. I am getting quite creative.

I'll post the next two days' wardrobe later this weekend...and if you are wondering who took my pictures in my classroom...yes, I made my students take them. What? What else are they there for?!? LOL

...Still in a funk but I'm hanging in there. How are you doing with the challenge?


Anonymous said...

You're my new hero. I have tried and tried to do the same thing, but I have my favorite comfy (yet cute!) clothes that I can't resist. Help!

Struggler said...

What a great challenge. I reckon I do most weeks without repeating items (well, except maybe my favorite pants!) but any longer than that and I'd be panicked! You're right, things come off me, through the laundry, and straight back on again.


you have great style girl! and a good eye for a good bargain! im glad you enjoyed my fashion no no post....i guess that person needs to come find your blog to learn what TO wear haha! love your stuff!

Philipp said...

Nice outfits! I especially like the purple peep-toes! Very nice shoes!

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