Never Say Never

I hate when people make me go back on my word. I never thought that I would be wearing denim with denim. But here I am rocking the look. I still kinda loathe certain washes of denim together but atleast I'm coming around. Here is my version of the double denim trend.  I wore something a little different to work but my date insisted asked that I stuff my face with sushi for dinner with him...so this is what I threw together.
I go through phases with my clothes. I'll be really into something and do it to death and then I'm over it. A few years ago, I was all about the fedora and had to have one in every color. Once the phase was over, it's over. For some reason, I'm back into hats again so I dug this hat (a la' Kyla) out of the closet.
Here is a conversation I had with one of my female students today. I teach high school.

Student: Ms. G, why is your shirt buttoned up so high?
Me: *blank stare* Ummm, because I'm at work?
Student: Yea, but can you atleast unbutton one more button?
Me: Boo, if I did that your Papi' would be calling me Mami'.
Student: Huh?
Me: Never mind. Don't worry about my clothes!

Fedora: (old...from a vintage shop I think)
Denim Shirt: Goodwill $3
Belt/Paperbag skirt: Target
Shoes: Pour La Victoire
Louis Vuitton Sac Plat
Earrings: F21
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters

(Here is my inspiration for today's outfit: Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 Collection)

What is something you swore you would NEVER wear but find yourself atleast "leaning" in that direction again?

 For me, it's double denim. I draw the line at Jellies and Crocs. That will never happen...EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

As we speak I am about to don a maxi dress! I swore it would never happen for anything outside of pjs (unless it was a ball gown, which is so completely different!)

Anonymous said...

i swore i wouldn't wear skinny jeans when they came back, but i ended up buying many pairs. you look fab btw!

thanks for your kind words on my blog and the link to that post. will definitely check into that book!

Fashion Butter said...

this outfit is HOT! Love the vibe.

I said I would never wear leggings. I lied.

Emily Kennedy said...

Bwa ha ha ha! A kid at your school asked you to unbutton your top?!? Holy crikey, that's awesome! What the heck?

Leggings. I swore I wouldn't but I do, I do.

LaShaune said...

cheeky lil fella, eh?

I swore rompers were for girls under 14. Um yeah, so why is it when Kim Kardashian wears one she looks so grown up and glam? I finally found one I like (thank you NY & Co) and ordered it! Now, I'm on the hunt for a jumpsuit. Seems like the last one I owned was very Star Trek and very mid-90s.

Lexy said...

LOVE LOVE your blog girly! I will be following! thanks for your kind words on my blog!! :)


Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

chacha said...

hey i thought that outfit was a dress!... never woulda known it was two different denims!

A Brit Greek said...

You are working such a fab look lady! Especially with those killer heels!

Know what you mean about doing a 'look' or wearing something to death though...
I swore i'd never wear clogs again... so far so good! :)


La Historiadora de Moda said...

You do look fantastic in this double denim ensemble! That trend still frightens me a bit, but that might also be because I'm not much of a denim girl to begin with.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Love your outfit...and the conversation with student...how funny.
I swore I'd never wear shorts again, now I have 5 pairs. This will probably be my last year...eh, maybe.

Grit and Glamour said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog...and I totally get the never say never. I said I'd never wear flares or skinnies, and that's pretty much all I have in the denim department! I love this look, you did the double d right!

And oh, I love Common too. Can't wait to see him in that new movie coming out with Queen Latifah.

kim said...

you look great, I'm not a fan of double denim but when done right it almost seems like i'm witnessing a miracle.

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

celine said...

Love this outfit from head to toe. Especially toe - those heels are awesome.

Stacey said...

Oh I'm so glad Rebecca at Life with Kaishon sent me here! You love clothes and you are a teacher. I'm a new follower!

Weesha said...

Love this entire outfit- I thought it was a denim dress with a lovely belt too, seriously pretty denim on denim look. Oh man- those shoes!! Pure hotness!

Anonymous said...

LMBO at your conversation with the student!!!!

Jessica said...

Wow when I first looked at your outfit I thought you had on a jean dress! Really cute. Can't even tell it two different items.

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