Didn't Ya Know??

I went to the Erykah Badu concert last night. It's like 2000 degree in Houston now so avoiding any extra pieces of clothing is crucial for survival.

For some reason, I just decided my vintage Prince "Life is Just A Parade" T shirt was sufficient for the concert. Short skirt, fedora, LAMB shoes and clutch...done.
Speaking of concerts, there was a man who stood up most of the time and blocked my view. Now, if he was just feeling Erykah and the songs "like that", I wouldn't complain because it's a concert. I get it. BUT he was not snapping and swaying to the music. HE WAS RECORDING HER PERFORMANCE ON HIS DIGITAL CAMERA! So here is what I wish I could have said to the man who blocked my view last night.

Dear Not so Small Man,

I am so glad that you are getting to enjoy Erykah's performance. You deserve it. You probably work really hard and have been looking forward to this night for a while. But sir, why are you oblivious to the fact that I am behind you as well as others? Why can't you sit down periodically? I am also pretty sure that those aren't you seats. Let me see your ticket...I bet I can prove it. But I won't judge you for that. We all want to get closer to the stage, don't we? There's no harm in that.

But sir, I am not trying to assassinate you or your character in any way but you are not really that small. You are kind of a big dude. As a matter of fact, every one is sitting down in the whole arena because she is singing a ballad right now. Hell, ERYKAH is even sitting down. Furthermore, can you tell me what portion of your recordings will be quality? It looks like you are holding an Olympus digital camera...the same kind I have to take pictures for my blog. That's not even a video camera. Who are you going to show this footage to? Are you going to watch it again? Are you going to edit all the people's heads who are passing in front of you?

And while we are at it, could you please put that damn camera down and attend to your "about to pop any minute now" pregnant wife! She is uncomfortable. She is not even grooving to the music. She's just kind of just sitting there taking short breaths which look alot like the breathing  techniques I see on tv when a mother is ABOUT TO GO INTO LABOR!! Sir, please rub her back! She can't even close her legs when she is sitting. She is kinda just propped in her seat to alleviate the pain and pressure in her uterus. Sir, please stop recording. It looks like your wife wants to ask you to escort her to the ladies' room so she can throw up but she won't because you are standing up, blocking my view...while you record.

So please sir, excuse me for longing to tap you on your hip and ask you to sit so I can see. This is a small theater, there aren't any jumbo trons for me to see the performance. All I have to enjoy  this concert are my shotty eyes and my two ears. I keep hoping that the next song will be a fast song so that I can atleast jump and dance with everyone and not worry about blocking the view of the person behind me.

Thank you sir. I probably wouldn't have even bothered you if I saw that you knew the words to any of the song but YOU DON'T!

The chick behind you in the Prince T Shirt crouching in between the cracks of you and your wife to see Erykah sing:)

(Erykah Badu in concert: Here is my contribution to grainy, poor pixelated concert photos to add to cyberspace...and I didn't block anyone to get these pics:)
(Are you trying to see if she is wearing some warm up pants, loose fitting t shirt, extra  long hair to her butt and gold foil paper around face?? Yes she is...That's Erykah!)

P.S...Next post I will write a letter to the two screaming, drunk ladies behind me who were cackling the whole concert and never heard them hum one song! lol!)

P.P.S...The title of this post is the title of my favorite song by Erykah Badu:


Ro said...

Chilleee I would have tapped his ass with a STERN index! "Excuse Me Sir" (in my kindest fake voice).... "But can you please SITCHOAZZDOWN...thanks" ...(bats my eyes....clutching my handbag and waits!!

I know that was totally annoying.
At least he could have been all into the songs...I love when other concert goers are having a great experience as I alike to join in ...but you not just gonna stand yo ass sin front of me all no. No Ma'am Miss Pam!

My girl went and she said Erykah did her thang. I loves Ms. Badu..I Do..I Doooo....

You looked cute as usual!!

Irresistible♥Icing said...

Houston is super H O T!

I have an award for you on my blog!


drollgirl said...

oh dear. i think i would have murdered this man. i hate him! i hate him! and this post reminds me of why i don't go to concerts very often anymore. a few years back i went to see a band (i will leave out the name of the band so that i do not horrify you or your audience) and everyone around me was texting, talking on their phones, yelling, yammering, going back and forth from seats to other areas, and it drove me out of my FUCKING MIND. don't people go to concerts because the KNOW AND LOVE THE MUSIC AND THE PERFORMERS?!?!? god! maddening!

Robyn's Nest said...

This post had me cracking up!!! Oh my...WWID!?!? I don't think I would have been as patient as you...good job! Girl, you know I was looking hard at those pics trying to decipher what she had on and what she was doing with her hair...that's our girl though!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

What in the world was he recording for.... craziness.

You should have totally tapped him : ) It would have made a good blog post at least!

simplychic said...

you and ms badu are looking good. sux about the man. did you tell him to sit down? or better yet told someone who worked there to tell him to sit down. that's so rude!

on a brighter note, i left you a blog award!! come check it out.

Amanda Correa said...

Love your Heels!!!

Kyla said...

UGH! That's the worst! I hate obnoxious people at concerts. I totally would've tattled on that dude.

On the bright side, you look f'n AMAZING in this! Super hot!

Writing Without Periods! said...

Next time this happens (and let's hope it doesn't) Chew some of my Shut the Hell Up gum then stick it on his pants. I think his behavior is just down right rude!!
Love the post.
And I can't wait to hear about the drunken ladies. However I did scream at a Ringo Starr concert last year, "Ringo, I love you!" about 30 times.

Savonne said...

I love this outfit and the t-shirt is awesome. You look so laid back and chic simultaneously.

Anonymous said...

Another great outfit and another great post. Love your style and humor.

Mellodee said...

Obviously, this man was a rude, self-centered, insensitive idiot! But abpve and beyond all that (which is bad enough), there is the not so small matter of IT IS ILLEGAL TO FILM PERFORMANCES AT CONCERTS! He's damn lucky he wasn't ejected from the concert or at the very least had his camera confiscated.

As a performer (not of this level of course)I am constantly aware there are laws governing this kind of thing. Its all about intellectual property rights. Just because people ignore this law much of the time, that doesn't make it right. No matter how you slice it, it is a form of theft.

Moni @ CL Journal said...

Let me tell you, I'm seeing Maxwell and JIll Scott next week. If someone does that after I paid my 198.00 seat...YEAH YOU READ THAT RIGHT, I'M ON THE FLOOR 5TH ROW....I'm gonna hurt someone. For real. Look out for me on CNN.

You look fab hon!

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...


I think I would have had to tell that dude something...or "my dude" would have told him something!

Elaine said...

How fun!! You look amazing. You look very ready to rock out at a concert ;)

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is awesome- u look a complete DALL, as me and my girls say (bad english is done on purpose.) lol

Erika Jewel said...

That Fedora is HAWT!!!! Big bootleg concert dude is not. SMH

celine said...

I love this outfit. The cut of that t-shirt is perfect on you.

Weesha said...

I love this outfit so much just because it's so simple but so hot, I love the hat! You're lucky you can wear them and look amazing :)

Chastity Garner said...

OMG I love love love you t shirt
and tell that to sit his ass down!

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