Someone Stop The World

(Excuse the *moistivity in my face. I'm in Houston, where even the sun breaks a sweat)

If anyone ever asks you who my favorite singers are (what? It could happen:), I hope you know to tell them *Jill Scott and Maxwell.
Last night, I got to see both  Jill and Maxipoo (my pet name for him)  on the same stage last night. It was awesome. I've seen Jill perform live maybe 6 times already and Maxwell I've seen maybe 4 times? (I even snuck into one of his concerts long time ago, ssshhh). I. Love. Him and Her...LOVE. Most people who know me will probably say that I'm laid back and quiet and observant but those people have never seen me mad or at a Maxwell concert. All bets are off baby. I scream like he can hear me. I scream. I scream. And I scream some more. I really don't know what screaming does for anyone at concerts but I find myself doing a lot of screaming at Maxwell concerts.
I think I may have also waved my hand a couple of times like I was praising Jesus. I think at that point, I made a mental note to scream really loud for Jesus at church on Sunday.  If I can scream that loud for a man who has never met me or done a thing for me, then certainly I can eek out a holla  for Jesus on Sunday. Commitment made:)
I saw alot of outfit nightmares travesties at the concert. I wish this was a blog that takes potshots at people in their nightmarish get ups but I am way  too "classy" for that. (Not really)
I'll be honest, I built this whole ensemble around the sleeves on my vintage jacket (Thanks to Goodwill). I may have even screamed when I grabbed it. Notice a pattern? Things I love= Makes me scream.
(Thanks to the "fella"/sponsor/bf for the tickets:)
(Of course, I had to show you a poor concert pic that I took at the concert. If you don't know who Jill Scott or Maxwell is...get to know them)

Things you should know:
*Moistivity- not a real word:)
** The title of today's post "Someone Stop The World" is the title of one of Maxwell's songs.
*** Janet Jackson is my all time favorite performer...even if she can't quite move like she used to. I'm loyal**
****I don't always scream at concerts, sometimes I break into routines (click here)

Who would make you scream at a concert??


Emily Kennedy said...

When I saw Stevie Wonder in concert last summer there were tons of scandalous outfits on concert-goers. On the other hand there were also quite a few flowy maxi dresses. Which is kind of apt when you consider the music.

MissHaneefa said...

I also saw Stevie Wonder last year. I love him! I really liked Beyonce when I saw her, I was straight up dancing all around. Jay Z was also suprisingly entertaining.

Savonne said...

LOL! Waving your hands like you were praising Jesus. You are too funny. Love that blazer. You styled this outfit so fly. I love it! Work!

Since you live in Brookly, I may have to meet you to borrow that blazer. LOL!

Fashion Butter said...

Oh MAN I love me some Maxwell and Jill! That must have been an amazing show. Love youe jacket! And you are working those jeans.

I know what you mean about the outfits at concerts - I had the same thoughs when I went to see Chaka Khan at a free show at the Taste of Chicago ... busted does not even begin to describe.


Ro said...

I love this post.
I too am a Jill and Maxwell fan. Big time….
You rocked the hell outta them jeans chick…so glad you enjoyed the concert.

The ONLY(*) reason I didn’t go is because I saw him when he came with Common and I will be chilling with Jill at the Essence. Oh and I’m broke….but hey :-)

Ms. Jackson will be headlining at the Essence and the Stans are ready for her.

LMAO at the routines…I feel like when I’m at one of my fav artist I need them to hear me singing every word (i.e India. Arie)…..NEED.

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Fuglen said...

Great belt!

And Prince would probably make me scream - I hope. I will eventually find out, when he visits Roskilde Festival i about a month :D

Anonymous said...

PRINCE!!!!!!!!! I screamed for Prince. I seriously lost my voice. I mean I freaked when I saw him here at the Toyota Center...and then I was silent...I just wanted to take it all in. Especially the part where he sang directly to me and told me that the color purple looked almost as good on me and it does on him (okay so that didn't happen)...Anyway, yeah...Prince!!!


Robyn's Nest said...

You have me cracking up!!! Love this post! I just got my Jill Scott & Maxwell on too...loved it!!! Judging by how crazy this week as been, I might have to get my "M&M" on this weekend...Maxwell & Moscato!!!

Karla said...

None but the Purple One for me!!!

I am intrigued by the lace shirt underneath. I look forward to seeing more of it in the future!

Maxwell & Jill are coming to Long Island. Me and some girls thought we were going until we saw the $345 ticket price...

drollgirl said...

there is a lot of screaming going on in this here post, and that is a good thing!

i have screamed and hooted and hollered and cheered at concerts. i have also booed and told awful bands to GET OFF THE STAGE AND MAKE ROOM FOR THE REAL TALENT. when a concert is good, it is the best thing ever. and when a concert is bad, it is pure fucking torture.

Corie said...

I've only been to one concert in my whole life..and that would be New Edition...lol

talk about waving arms and screaming! LOL

I love your outfit by the way...just so chic!

Toni said...

So, I'd basically kill for you jacket LOL. Cute look and thanks for visiting my site today :)


Anonymous said...

This past April I saw Robin Thicke open for Alicia Keys, and while I liked him before, he completely won me over with his set. Sex Therapy, Lost Without You... I screamed like I never screamed before!

Weesha said...

Those jeans and that jacket- oh wow!!! I've never seen you make a fashion mistake :)Shoes are super hot too! I think Jill Scott is some kind of goddess, she is beyond inspiring.

Moni @ CL Journal said...

OMG! I'm going to see the same concert on June 25th here at MSG in NY! I cannot wait!!! Love me some MAXWELL!!

The only one who has made me lose my mind:


and New Edition....yeah, I know!...lol!

Marsha (BrownFace) said...

Honey Bumpkins...you look FAB!!!!! I was bussing mad hard at this post. You are a fool...hahahahahahaha That jacket is to DIE for! I saw the lace tank in Tarjay, but left it. Now I think I will be going back for it. Fab honey, just FAB!!!

Writing Without Periods! said...

George Harrison of the Beatles.
I heart him extreme. But he's passed on to that big concert in the sky. Silently, I still scream for him.

Love your concert outfit.

Elaine said...

You look fabulous!!! I love white jeans. I want it. I need it.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Chastity Garner said...

I was totally rolling through your posts also. The name of your blog is totally cute...I also love your style, shoes, and you mini infatuation with Janet Jackson. Thanks for the blog love...I am def. following you!

Christen said...

I can't get over how awesome that amazing belt! What a fabulous statement piece!

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

this outfit is wonderful on you. you definitely know how to dress!


Life with Kaishon said...

Well, sadly, I am not really a concert goer. I try to be cooler but it doesn't work : ( Man! : )

I would have to say, if I was going to a concert I would want to go to a concert with little kids and see someone that made them happy. That would be a super fun experience!

If you have readers that don't know who Jill Scott and Maxwell are we need to kick them off the blog. Buh Bye!

Lala Lopez said...

your belt is killer!!! thanks ya for entering the pour la victoire giveaway. i'll be posting the winner on wednesday on www.lalanyc.com. good luck!! xx lala

- Tessa said...

I love this outfit - especially those shoulders!

09 10