The Big Easy

I had a movie day with my nieces. I only got them popcorn if they agreed to take my outfit pics.
I didn't buy them candy because they didn'tell me my hair was flying all over the place.
That'll teach them:) HA!

I'm off to New Orleans for a wedding. Have you been? What places do you love to go in New Orleans?
What must I see/eat/do?

Vintage Dress
American Apparel Clutch
Random belt
Sam Edelman Shoes


Sing said...

I love this dress. I'd totally wear it to a wedding, speaking of. You must have something even more fab planned to wear.
Have fun in NO. I've never been but want to go so bad. Take lots of pics and eat good!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. LOVE the dress. You look great. I didn't even notice the floppy hair!

That fat-shionista's wardrobe said...

hahaha...i pulled that off with my nieces once but never again. they never told me that my pants where unzipped...

Ears to the Feet said...

Your shoes are always so cute but your hair is just as "FLY" (no pun). I love it all. Oh and that clutch is fierce!


kvntyree said...

Check out Dukie Chases. (not sure if I pronounced it correct) It's a great restaurant in the quarters.

Pearl said...

I gotta tell you, I just LOVE that whole outfit. Wow.

We need more people dressing nicely -- makes the city so much prettier.


Jody said...

great look, you pull it off so well!

Juanette said...

LOVE the dress + shoes combo = FAB

p.s. I see your boobs are out ;)

You're really motivating me to show more boobs or legs or boobs AND legs this spring/summer #fasttailgirls

Have fun in New Orleans can't wait for the wedding pics! Your outfit, not the bride's...

I really am going to bed now, promise! #dontmakesenseimhomeonfridaynite (damn twitter, I want to hashtag everything)

Stacey Kay said...

This is a really awesome dress! Love the shoes too!

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Kyla said...

Why ya gotta hog all the good vintage dresses? Even more though, those shoes have caused a little drool on my keyboard ... LOVE. THEM. I'm such a big fan of sebra mixed with pretty much any other pattern. Have fun in NOLA!

Destrehan's Daughter said...

I love your dress and shoes. I live just outside Nola. I would definitely recommend a walk around the warehouse district and the French Quarter. I would also highly recommend riding a streetcar because it is so much fun. Check out Magazine St if you want to go shopping too! Hope you have a good trip.

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

Great shots! You look fab!

TrophyBoutique said...

I would have bought everyone popcorn if I had been wearing that dress. No wait, I am poor. I would have shown everyone my dress and made them buy me popcorn for looking so good!

Elissa said...

You look amazing. I love how you pull off large clutches - if I tried it'd look like I was lugging around a suitcase, I'm so short. I've only been to New Orleans once so I'm not the biggest expert, but I remember the food being amaze-balls. So I say just eat whatever you can get your hands on. There. Done.


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

Nice dress.
If you like seafood check out Deanie's Seafood 1713 Lake Street, Metairie or Pat Obriens in the French quarter 718 St Peter street

Naturally Fashionable said...

Love this dress on you:-)

ShandyLand said...

2 Words! Cafe DuMonde!!

Love your style!!

LV said...

I really like this dress. The clutch is a nice touch and the shoes provide the perfect contrast. Very Nice!


Kerissa said...

Hello darling,
Sadly I've never visited NO but is on my bucket list :)
I'm going to grow some hair just like you and we can let it flyyyy together. Deal?
Those sunnies are too cute. Where oh where did you get them? Yes, I'll take them.

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