GFS in New Orleans: The Beginning

I was in New Orleans this weekend. I haven't been there since before Katrina (hurricane). I was curious to see if the "vibe" of New Orleans was still there. I'd been there 4 times before the hurricane so I felt like I had enough prior knowledge for a fair comparison.

(Target Tank/Belt, Aldo Wedges, Thrifted pleated sheer skirt, AA leather clutch)

It's only a 6 hour drive from Houston, so it left a little time to poke around the streets.

After a few  hours in the city, I could  sense a different vibe there....not a bad vibe...just a different one.

 The essence of New Orleans was still there in the food and the attractions but it seems the people have changed. You know what...it's just coming to me...TOURISTY.

 That's what it is! There was more of a tourist vibe to it than I remember.

It was a different type of unique though. I have my theories on the change of the atmosphere but the heart of New Orleans was still detectable. For alot of Texans, New Orleans is home away from home so I certainly need to go back more often!
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My ultimate goal whenever I'm in New Orleans is to try all the authentic cajun food  possible without going into a food induced coma. This trip was no different.

We made it to Port of Call based on the recommendation of Ro. The first thing we noticed was that fries aren't even offered on the menu. You get a side of a huge baked potato or nothing at all. I took the baked potato.  (If you follow me on twitter then you saw a pic of it already:) It was the pefect spot to eat and take in the locals:)

(They look like they don't have a care in the world:)

Next New Orleans post coming in a few days...


Ro said...

I really reaallly like that look Reiko! You look so cute!
And I realy reaaallly want a burger and monsoon RIGHT now. I love the NO so very much...can't wait to see more of your time there.

passionsontopofpassions said...

i'm with RO, the outfit is supa cute...im extremely envious of that big hair!


Sing said...

Looking good girl. Easy going style in N.O.

Juanette said...

We love that look girl! (We as in me, myself and I) I heart it, you look fab!

Life with Kaishon said...

Those wedges are all sorts of fantastic. I am glad you had a fun time!

Jody said...

Love the shoes!

Prissy said...



GirlyGirl313 said...

Lovin' your blog since subbing. But i'm lovin' those shoes like crazy!!!

Oh, and i'm officially stalking zarna's runway because of you too..lol.

Hope you had the chance to get a shrimp po-boy while you were in N.O. (ate til my stomach ached on my last visit!)


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