I wish you could read minds.
If you only knew what I was thinking today.
If you have my phone number, call me.
I'll tell you.
But be prepared for the truth...uncensored.
That is all.

Zara Scarf as Headwrap
Jessica Simpson Heels
DIY Raven Leopard Bag
Target skirt/shirt
F21 Necklace

(This is Lee-Lonn. I went to see him perform. You'll hear more about him in the future. We worked on the coolest project EVER! Can't wait to share more. It has everything to do with this!)


laniza said...

Oh, I like this song! He's so talented!!

Thomas S. Moore said...

If people only knew what I was thinking half the time I would be in so much trouble. I am glad I found your site now I can get some great shoe ideas for my wife! I really like the ones in the photo what kind are they.

I know what you mean about comments sometimes I think I'm crazy as well comments help put a little of that aside. Check out my site as well... Waist Hips and Thighs


That head wrap is amazing and so is that bag! You are a girl after my heart wearing animal print! Kiah

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