The Unthinkable Happened

As you read this, I am either getting ready to go to my first professional football game.
(Texans vs. Cleveland Browns)
Or I'm on the way.
Or I'm already there.
Or I died there.
(Worn the night before...HM Top, Zara Skirt, Nappy Rutz Earrings, Steve Madden "Cheeeky" heels, American Apparel bag)

Apparently buying your husband tickets to see his favorite team of all time means you have to go WITH him!
What part of the game is this? 
I thought I was doing something nice for him...and he repays me by making me go!?!
(You would think his favorite team would be the Texans because we're in Houston...no)

So, if I die at the game from under-excitement...

They're pretty but they'll pinch my baby toe in the casket for that long. 
 Don't send me into eternity in pain.
Oh...and don't forget to pile on the bangles.
I wouldn't be caught DEAD without my bangles/bracelets!

Go Texans.
Go Browns!


Mellodee625 said...

Another example of the adage, "No good deed ever goes unpunished!" :)

Eboni Ife' said...

LMAOOOO I'm cracking up. Many years ago I bought my then bf tickets to the laker game, and I FORCED him to take a friend. I mean, I like basketball...and I actually enjoy going to the games but that was NOT the point of the gift! Duh!

Eboni Ife' said...

Oh and you look hot, lady! (duh again)

Shanticka Buchanan said...

You just might find yourself enjoying watching the game live! I had the same issue with baseball and my husband, but I ended up really liking being at the live game(still hate it on TV though).

At least you look FAB!! Have fun!


ShenDove said...

Your accessories are on point as usual. I hope you enjoyed the game! I'm not the biggest football fan(I prefer basketball) and have never seen a professional game, but I always enjoy going to college games because the energy of all of the other people around you makes the game fun!

godsfavoriteshoes said...

LOL! The game wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it.

godsfavoriteshoes said...

I was so expecting him to take one of his brothers! So imagine the look on my face when I said I was going. I gave him a hard time but I had fun!

iwannabefierce said...

I swear, you are comedian. Well I hope the game wasn't to bad. And loving the outfit.


a.chigozie said...

this reminds me of a 227 episode where Mary gets Lester tickets to see the Redskins and he actually wants to take his friend but she wants go with him lol. So I think a lot of us are surprised he wanted your company lol

but did you where that outfit? its fab, too fab for football though lol

godsfavoriteshoes said...

No. I wore this outfit the night before.
11th Commandment: Thou Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

Lynn said...

LOL @ Or I died there!!!!! Girrrl, you are hilarious... such a great FIT and I know what'chu mean about your bangles!!!!

Elissa said...

I doubt anyone wears color as well as you do. Loving this outfit, and your accessories are great!

ChocolateDL2006 said...

This whole post was absolutely hialarious! LOL Love the outfit by the way!

Ariana said...

Lol you are hilarious!! Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about football. At least you looked fabulous there!

Tee Mac said...

LOL...funny. You rook mahhhvelous dahling! See...I'm a football fan and would have looooved to been in your shoes. Even the ones that pinch the baby toe. Ha!


missmoonsmusings said...

I continue to be grateful my hubby-to-be is not a sports fan. I feel your pain girl and hope you brought a magazine with you. :)

Plus side? Again, you look mahvelous in this outfit!!!!

Thirteenlbs said...

Lol the "pinched toe" comment made me laugh out loud.

Sunny said...

Absolutely LOVED this post. Reiko, you have a talent for blogging!

GFS said...

Rule 101...buy hubby a gift but also get a friend for him ahead of time... LOL...you look cute though.

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