Christ Chic: Moments Like These

The hubby just returned from a business trip to Scotland.
He shared the story of one of his coworkers and the story was just too moving for me not to share with you.
His coworker was a self proclaimed agnostic.
(Stating facts...no judgement here:)
The coworker, let's call him Peter, told the hubby that he had an important event when they returned to Houston.

(Goodwill Dress, Steve Madden Heels, Zara Trench)

He was going to have his 1st Communion.
 The hubby laughed it off  (insert my fist) until he realized that Peter was serious.
Apparently, Peter went to Rome last year and of course he had to visit the Vatican.
I know I would. 

 Peter said he walked into the Vatican and for reasons unknown to him...he fell to his knees. 
He said he didn't expect it.
He later recalls the moment as God literally knocking him in the head. 
Today, Peter is enjoying his First Communion.

I'm not Catholic.
And I'm not trying to convert you.
Really, the message is for me.
I went to church today and didn't get anything out of the message.
(That happens sometimes)
But the story of Peter, my hubby's coworker, moved my spirit.

The fact that he didn't believe...had no intentions on believing...and just like that, his whole world changed. 
That's proof enough for me. 
I'm sending a "1st Communion" card to Peter.
Something so miraculous deserves to be acknowledged.
Forever 21 Necklace

(Keep in mind that my husband is telling me the story so I'm positive important details were left out. Peter may have had cinnamon pecan pancakes with the Pope and that was left out of the story!)

If you're not into the message, at least enjoy my dress from Goodwill. It's one of my favorite finds.
Plus, I'm carrying the American Apparel "inspired" Reiko Red clutch that was named after me by DIY Raven earlier this year. She closed down her shop though:(

 For my new followers, my Christ Chic posts are usually just what I wear to church:)


RocquelleIsLovely said...

Wow, what a great story Reiko! Sometimes God has to knock us down so that we can look up. Thanks for blessing my spirit with this story and the lovely combination of leopard and polka dots!!

I have my eye on the purple version of these shoes; are they tight on the toes?

GFS said...

I enjoyed it all... The message, the dress and of course the shoes!! Thank you for sharing!


GFS said...

OMG I love your pumps! I have been wanting a good pair of leopard pumps like that.

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Accessory alert: tassels

GFS said...

Amazing Story! God is amazing!
I LOVE this outfit! Those shoes are everything and so is that dress!

GFS said...

amazing! God is so good; what a blessing! thank you for sharing.


ps love the dress and shoes :-)

GFS said...

Touching story. I love your dress!


GFS said...

I love your outfit and these pictures, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the print, the length, the shape are all perfect also your trench rocks! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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GFS said...

Wow, that was a really great story! Sometimes God moves in mysterious ways.
And you look great! Love the polka dot and satin navy jacket

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GFS said...

You look great..cool combo!

GFS said...

Love the dots with the leopard, very stylish.

GFS said...

I'm LOVING this outfit girly! So chic and feminine!


GFS said...

See how God works! That was an awesome story!!

I love your outfit!! I love how you paired it with the leopard pumps!! Then that POP of red with your clutch was great!!

Carsedra of:



GFS said...

We all know that at some point we will come to GOD and ask for his love and forgiveness. Awesome story and I am sending blessing to Peter.

GFS said...

yeah, i really enjoy your dress and leopard shoes...
i really enjoyed the story as well.

GFS said...

well this agnostic has never been moved like that, unless you consider how badly i want to RUN from church every time i have to attend. LOL! sorry!!

but your outfit is fab! just fab. par-TICK-YOU-LARLY those shoes!

GFS said...

Running from church counts! Lol!
11th Commandment: Style Shall Never Be Sacrificed.

GFS said...

It has been known to happen and I'll just give thanks for the divine intervention. Why can't I effortlessly mix prints? Will you coach me oh gorgeous one?

GFS said...

Amen, Amen, Amen! Christ is real - no doubt about it! Oh, and cute dress! :-)

GFS said...


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